Step 2: Supply details for your fishing permit(s)! Stora Nätaren (Month card, 200:-/item)


Fishing allowed 1/5 - 31/7.

 Fishing prohibited 31 / 7-1 / 5th
Issued by Stora Nätarens FVF in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:
ID: 1154
Refers to: Månadskort, Stora Nätaren
Validity: Valid for 31 days   
Price: 200:- (SEK, Incl. VAT)

From what date and time should it be valid from:

 Couldn't be purchased for the time period 31 Jul through 30 Apr (Fiskeförbud 31/7-1/5.)
(Todays date: 22 Jan 2018)
Mobile phone number:
If you do not have a mobile phone, please supply your home number. 
First and last name:
Street adress:

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Rules and regulations

 When purchasing a product at iFiske, you agree to the rules and regulations below:
Fishing may not take place within the prohibition zones. Fishing is permitted with angling, jig, lure and silhåv in the places that are not förbudzon. in the lake Nätaren. Utter Drag is prohibited. Fishing shall be conducted during the period 1 / 5-31 / 7th Minimum size Zander 45 cm. Maximum 3 pike per day. This card is also valid for the wife and for children under 15 accompanied by an adult. Be careful with fire.
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