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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Rules for fishing in Ljungsjön in Ljungby

1) Permission for fishing in Ljungsjön obtained by resolving a fishing license. Fishing licenses can be solved that day card (valid for 24 hours) or annual pass (valid for one year from the date of printing). Prices: Day license = $ 100. Annual card = 600 kronor. Fishing licenses can be solved through
2) Fish Card validity is specified on the card.
3) The fishing license must be presented at the request of Supervisor.
4) A person who is caught in the exercise of fishing without a card will be reported for illegal fishing.
5) Person who is caught during fishing with prohibited gear will be notified of illegal fishing.
6) All fish caught must be released into the water regardless of the condition of the fish. Although seriously injured fish must be released. Fish should not be killed.
7) When fishing, the landing net with a knotless nets, an ample unhooking mat and a water container (bucket or similar) is available. Sea and carpet should be adapted in size to fishing you intend to pursue.
8) Fishing permitted only with hand tools and only one rod per angler, whether ground angle, float angle, stalking-fishing or fly fishing. Only angling and fly-fishing is allowed. Spin fishing, jig fishing, ice fishing and ice fishing is not allowed.
9) Fish should be within reasonable distance of throw - common sense applies and respect other fishermen.
10) Boat and Bait Boats are not allowed.
11) Never leave your rod unattended.
12) At the feeder and bottom fishing is only moving rigs allowed (sinker or swimfeeder to slide freely on the main line). All forms of bolt rigs (fixed sinkers or feeders) are prohibited. All forms of leaders and lead core leaders is prohibited. Anti Tangle tubing is permitted.
13) Mashing and förmäskning with bread based mash, pellets and particle baits are allowed. All particle baits that are not ready for use, directly from the manufacturer, must be soaked for at least 24 hours and boiled for at least 30 miunter.
14) bagging of fish may only be for a short time to prepare any weighting and photography. The fish must be secured properly in a bank stick and checked regularly.
15) When angling competition get keepnet with a length of at least 4 meters used.
16) Camping is prohibited. Parasol may be used.
17) Collect all the garbage in a bag and take home with you after the end of fishing - whether it's you who littered or other fishermen.
18) Children up to 16 fish free in the company of an adult guardian of fishing license.
19) It is the responsibility of every fisherman to read and follow the rules for fishing in Ljungsjön. All information is available on and on the information board at the shelter.
20) West Kronoberg Metklubb have at the board decided to charge an inspection fee of 4,000 kronor for people engaged in illegal fishing in Ljungsjön. With illegal fishing refers to fishing contrary to current fishing regulations.
Inspection fee supports the current legislation TEAM 1981: 533 on Fishery Conservation Areas. Besides that applies rules to statutory fishing supervision under section 47 of the Fisheries Act (1993: 787). Fishing inspectors also have the right to seize fish and fishing gear. Illegal fishing in Ljungsjön the police always.

Fishing in Ljungsjön operated and administered by the Western Kronoberg Metklubb. For information and questions about the lake and the fishing contact us at

Western Kronoberg Metklubb and Ljungby Municipality
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