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Senior medlemskap / Lysekils sportfiskeklubb

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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.

Fishing rules Hällers bog

1. All members of Lysekil's Sport Fishing Club have the right to fish. Guest fishing licenses can be redeemed, however, a member must be involved in fishing.
THE GUEST FISHING CARD costs SEK 120 / day and is redeemed via

This fishing license applies only to those who fish as a guest to Lysekils SFK. The member's number must be entered on the fishing license in order for it to be valid. Fishing for guest only allowed together with member!

The cottage can be booked by members for SEK 300 / day (maximum 5 people!) Advantage of having an always up-to-date calendar to see when the cottage is available. A tip is to get a user profile on as you get all your information saved and purchases are much easier. In the cottage there is a TV with the basic supply channels.

2. A maximum of 2 PRECIOUS FISH / day and 4 PRECIOUS FISH / week may be caught per person - family membership.

3. Fishing with nets and fixed fishing gear, such as fishing gear is PROHIBITED.
(The term fixed gear also includes rods that are not under supervision, by supervision is meant that you should be so close to the rod
that you can counterattack immediately when the fish has caught)
. Furthermore, all littering in and around the bog, settlement of FIRE in a place other than the fireplace adjacent to the cottage, and breaking branches and twigs from the trees is STRICTLY PROHIBITED .

4. Only Vrångebäck's road may be used as a transport route to and from the bog. Maximum speed is 15 km / h.

5. When it comes to the rainbow, there is no minimum size, this means that you have to take even small rainbows. (If the rainbow is damaged, it must be taken, this means that it must not be re-released so that you can catch another instead.)

All carp must be re-released, unless the carp is very severely damaged.

All pike must be killed, must not be released.

6. The number of rods per fisherman is limited to 1 pc. (except carp fishermen.)

7. Fishing from a boat is allowed. NOTE Only the club's boats may be used, electric motor may be used. (The boats get
not used as spawning gear or disturbing other fishermen).
Floating and fishing from floating is allowed

During the period 08.00-22.00, both boats up in Hällers mire must not be occupied by carp fishermen, but must be at the pier, so that other fishermen also have the opportunity to use the lake / boat. The person who rents the cottage has priority for boat 1.

8. You do not need to book a swim, but you must give preference to the campsite and fishing place if someone has booked. (Applies to certain times, read the text below)

Swim site 2-6 gives carp fishermen priority at the campsite at 12: 00-12: 00 and preference for fishing at night at 19: 00-10: 00 at the booked place.
other times 10: 00-19: 00, the carp fisherman shall give preference to other fishermen.
if you want to fish on someone else's carp fisherman's swim or, like other fishermen, fish on a booked swim, you must agree with the person who booked that place.
NOTE! Swim 1 is only included in the cottage.

Membership or guest fishing license MUST be redeemed before fishing begins.

Camping at the bog may only take place at a designated place and is maximized for 3 days, this is because nature can not withstand more wear and tear. Information about the designated place can be obtained from the cottage owner.
Take into account other fish and not least the nature around the water.
Remember to leave the water as it was when you got there.

A member who violates these rules is deprived of his right to fish in the water.

Cottage host: Klas Nicander, tel. 0523-400 52 , mobile: 073-922 34 20 .

These rules are there to create increased well-being by the water, so follow these.

Questions about Hällersmyr, call Alexander Bergqvist tel 0735-080078

Rotemyren: Located inside Lysekil. In Rotemyren there are the following species: Roach, Perch, Tench, Pike and very large Eel and sparingly with Rainbow after previous releases.


Vrångevattnet is a water that the club leases up on Kynnefjäll. The club, together with Munkedal municipality, has limed the water several times in recent years. In the water there are Perch, Pike, Carp and Eel.

In Vrångevattnet there is free sport fishing for club members, boats can be borrowed in the lake. Boat booking through Barbro 0523-14604

If you want to know more, please contact Hans Johansson , tel. 0523-14604

- Only sport fishing is allowed.
- Lysekil's SFK's membership card must be brought = FISHING CARD .
- No littering or breaking of branches etc.
- Fire may only take place at the fire site.
- All carp must be re-released.

Other Water

Lysekil Municipality's water

Lysekils SFK has for about ten years been responsible for managing the municipality's water and these are the following: Rotemyren, Hällers myr, Trötemyren, Lassa dammen, Anne-Maja, Djupevattnet and a number of smaller waters.

Trötemyren is located in the middle of Lysekil next to Rotemyren. The water is free for sport fishing for all the municipality's residents because it is the municipality that owns the water and the club that takes care of it.

The water is a very fun water with very nice Perch (Feel free to release them so that more people can have fun) and large Eel, in the water there are also Pike, Roach and Tench.

In Tröten, Lassa, Anne-Maja and Djupevattnet, the municipality's residents are allowed to fish sport free.
In all these waters there are perch, pike, roach, tench and eel.

VIKSJÖN: Fishing right against presentation of a membership card in Lysekils Sportfiskeklubb, see Viksjön's fvo website for info about rules / fish species, the club has a boat in the lake. Boat booked through Barbro 0523-14604

Upper and lower Trästickeln, Byrevattnet, Kirkerudssjön, Vassbotten, Valboån see the club's website

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