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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Within the Nedre Klarälven fisheries conservation area, fishing south of the E18 bridge is free for everyone. Free fishing also applies to the lakes Rudtjärn, Sundstatjärn, Kroppkärrsjön, Örsholmstjärn and Djupsundsviken.

Fishing licenses are required for fishing in the river north of the E18 and up to the upper limit of the fisheries conservation area and Ilandatjärn (see map). Children and young people up to the age of 16 fish for free in the entire fisheries conservation area (not Sandbäckstjärn) according to current rules . For fishing in Sandbäckstjärn, a separate fishing license is required, which can be purchased at Other fishing rules also apply here.

Everyone who fishes must observe the current rules. In case of violation of rules, a control fee will be charged by appointed fisheries inspectors. Fishing in the fisheries conservation area without a fishing license north of the E18 bridge and in Sandbäckstjärn causes a police report in accordance with §37 of the Fisheries Act .

  • In the fisheries conservation area, a gear limit of a maximum of 2 hand gear per person applies (fishing rod, throwing rod, fly rod or fishing rod).
  • It is forbidden to kill eels, carp, tench, ruda, aspen and neon eyes in the fisheries conservation area.
  • Fishing for salmon and trout is prohibited from 20/5 - 15/10. The minimum size for salmon and trout is 60cm the rest of the time. Fish with intact fat fins must be released immediately.
  • For pikeperch, a minimum size of 45cm applies. Fish that do not meet the minimum size must be released immediately.
  • Prohibition to fish lake during the period 15/12 - 15/2 within the Nedre Klarälven fishery conservation area.
  • Fishing for salmon and trout is prohibited in the entire fisheries conservation area. Catches of fish of these species must be released with immediate caution.
  • Snatch fishing and crayfish fishing are prohibited in the entire fisheries conservation area.
  • Fishing for smelt / nets with nets is free.
  • For fishing with roach huts within the Nedre Klarälven fishery conservation area, the fisherman must hold an annual card. The right to fish with roach huts only applies within the lower part of the fisheries conservation area, ie south of the E18 bridge. Roach huts must be marked with the cardholder's name and telephone number!

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