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Year card / Siljansnäs FVOF

Issued by Siljansnäs FVOF in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid for 365 days   
Price: 350 kr (SEK, Incl. VAT)
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 (Todays date: 22 Oct 2021)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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for fishing.

Fishing can be carried out in the area's various waters against solving one of our fishing licenses.

With shared water you can fish all over the lake, but it is up to you as a fisherman to find out if possible. other rules in another fishing area.

Location card .
These may be settled by residents and owners of real estate within the fishing area.
The card is personal. Children under 16 years of age fish for free. The card entitles to fishing with 1 hand tool and max 20 angeldon / stand hook or ice cap per fishing license. Trolling and withdrawal max 5 spoons / baits per boat and fishing card (Byrviken 10st).

(follow the rules of the area) The card also entitles the net fishing max. 6th net = 180m. Per card and day. Outstanding gear must be clearly marked at both ends of the fishing gear with flags where the name and phone number must be clearly stated.

Fishing license

Children under 16 years fish for free. The card is valid for fishing with 1st hand tools and max 20 angeldon / stand hook or ice cap.

Trolling and withdrawal max 5 spoons / baits per boat and fishing card (Byrviken 10st).

of the fishery.

* When sharing water (eg Byrviken is shared with Leksand / insjön) you can fish the entire lake.

* In Alviken only the Siljan snow card applies

* Max 1 gauze at least 50cm long / per card and day. All other gazelles are carefully reclaimed

* Gösen is rescued at play week 20-26 (reassessed carefully)

* Wild trout is protected (trout with fat fin is peaceful) and is carefully restored

* Marked trout may be taken regardless of size (tag or tray)

* Max 1 piece of finely cut trout with minimum dimensions 50 cm may be taken per day and fishing license

* In our flowing water a maximum of 3 trout / mince minimum 15 cm is taken per day / fishing license

* Pike over 100 cm should be carefully resettled

* Fishing for sale is prohibited

* Fishing with scissors is prohibited

* Children under 16 years fish for free on goalkeeper's fishing license

* Fishing licenses and identification must be provided to inspection staff on request

* Where fishing occurs as a derogation from the above provisions, the FVO or its representative is entitled to charge a check charge of 2000 kr

* Every fisherman has a duty to find out what rules apply to the FVO that he / she is fishing on

* 1 / 9-31 / 12 all fishing in our flowing waters is forbidden

* All cards are valid from the date they are subscribed and a month or a year ahead.

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