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 Sportfiskesäsongen gäller mellan 1 april - 31 oktober. Fisketillsyn sker regelbundet. Straffavgift mellan 400 -1000 kr. Sportfisket begränsas mellan 1/8 till 15/8 att gälla stillasittande fiske mellan 06:00-20:00. Trolling är alltså inte tillåtet under denna period. Minimått på gädda 45-85 cm. Minimått på gös 45-70 cm. Max 3 gösar/kort och dag, max 3 Spön per kort. Fiskekortet medger gratis fiske för barn (till och med det år det fyller 16 år), samt för maka/sambo i sällskap med fiskekortsinnehavaren. Säsongskortet gäller även för fiske från is, dock ej angel och ismete. Fysiska fiskekort finns även för den som vill ha en souvenir. Kontakta oss via telefon för fysiskt fiskekort.


The sports fishing season is valid from 1 January to 31 December. Fishing supervision takes place regularly. Penalty fee between SEK 400-1000. Sport fishing is limited between 1/8 and 15/8 to apply for sedentary fishing between 06: 00-20: 00. Trolling is thus not allowed during this period. Minimum size of pike 45-85 cm. Minimum size of pike-perch 45-70 cm. Max 3 rods per card. The fishing permit allows free fishing for children (to the year they reach the age of 16), and for the partner in company with the fishing license holder. The season card also applies to fishing from ice, but not "angel" and ice rod fishing. Physical fishing licenses are not available.

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Week card / Lilla Nömmens FVOF

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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Free fishing for children and young people up to 16 years of age.

fish Inspection
At Lillnömmen there are two trained fisheries supervisors with powers issued by the County Administrative Board according to Swedish law. Fisheries supervision is carried out to ensure that it is fished in accordance with the rules set out in the Fisheries Act and in the EU regulations on fisheries and fisheries policy. As a fisheries supervisor, you are given the authority to, when you want, without any form of suspicion, to check caught fish, fishing gear, fish sump and fishing vessel. You also get the power to seize the tools or catches that have been wrongly used during fishing, or can be thought to be used in later fishing.
Control fees will be levied on violations of the above-mentioned provisions.

Limited picking of Pike
- Pike under 40cm and over 80cm should be released back into the lake.
- Pike between 40cm and 80cm may be caught and picked up.
- The restriction applies throughout the year
The reason for the restriction is to create conditions for good growth and an attractive sport fishing.

Fishing at fixed fishing gear
Fishing must not take place in such proximity to exposed nets or gear so that they are damaged.

fish Limit
- Fishing restriction between August 1 & August 15, only stalled fishing allowed and only between 06:00 and 20:00. Fishing water owners carry out crayfish fishing during this period.
- All type of fishing is prohibited in the Nömmekanalen / Lillnömmen canal that runs between Lilla Nömmen and Nömmen. (Cancer fishing exception for the landowner.)

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