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Tillägg Trollingkort / Färgensjöarnas FVOF (Västra Götaland)

Issued by Färgensjöarnas FVOF (Västra Götaland) in cooperation with
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Conditions & restrictions

Rules that apply when fishing in lakes Fiskevårdsområde Color:

One must have a fishing license to fish in color lakes. This must be presented on fishing.

As regards the current fishing licenses leveled the paper fishing licenses or fishing license from iFiske which can be displayed via iFiskes app or printed on paper. At the fishing supervision, the Fishing / receipt presented to the inspector as well as a valid identity document.

The following fishing methods included in the Fishing (the grant) and are authorized: fishing, spinning, trolling, jigging, and the maximum 10 angeldon for ice fishing.

When two or more people fish from the same boat, and more than a tool used fishing license is required for each participant or current season ticket for the operator together with additional card båtkort, a maximum of six (6) gear.

Fixed gear, nets, longlines, fish trap and the trap is not included in the association's tenure. Fishing with ryckare or gäddsax, as well as otters or other ytgående sidoparavan, except as described below is prohibited.

Trolling card along with a valid season ticket, weekly ticket gives the holder the right to use the six (6) pieces sidospöparavaner per boat during the period 1 September to 30 April. Always apply the right rule.

Phishing is allowed for fishing rights holders during the period 1 March to 15 May, in their fishing area. Nets may not exceed 30 long and must be marked as the law dictates, with name, telephone number and property designation.

Ban on fishing for game fish (trout) until further notice. Caught trout must be released! Re-expose trout with extreme caution, avoid lifting them into the boat.

Children and youth 17 years of age may fish without a card, but must follow the rules that apply to the fishing permit otherwise.

Rules can be changed and it is the fisherman's responsibility to know the rules in force.

Landowners should be consulted before you start fishing from the private beaches and jetties.

If fishing license holder violates applicable law or fisheries Fishery Conservation Association fishing regulations fishing permit may be forfeited and the fisherman shut down from continued fishing.

Violation of the local fishing rules to a fine of SEK 1 000 on the first occasion and in case of repeated illegal fishing to a fine of 4,000 crowns as decided at the Fish Meeting.

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