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 ANNUAL FISHING CARD: SEK 300 for the calendar year for water in the entire Fisheries Area, with the exception of TORRHEDSTJÄRN and NORRLÄXEN.
The card entitles to hook fishing with two hand tools + 15 pcs. Angeldon.
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Year card / Hamrånge FVOF

Issued by Hamrånge FVOF in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid to the end of the year (31 Dec at 23:59)   
Price: 300 kr (SEK, Incl. VAT)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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2020 ANNUAL FISHING PLAN FOR HAMRÅNGE FISHERIES AREA ASSOCIATION ADOPTED BY ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2019. HAMRÅNGE FISHERIES AREA ASSOCIATION in Gävleborg County constitutes an association of fishing rights holders and fishing rights holders and fishing rights holders. THE PURPOSE OF THE FISHERIES CONSERVATION AREA IS To promote fishing in the area and to provide sport fishing and recreational fishing, among other things. through fishing license sales to the public according to specified fishing licenses. To at least strive for fisheries management measures to be implemented within the same cost framework as the previous financial year. To achieve the best possible catch from fishing. To prosecute all illegal and illegal fishing in the area. To strive for the co-owners' common wishes regarding compliance, care, administration and other things common to the entire area. To decide and decide at the 2018 Annual General Meeting, on the one hand on crayfish fishing and on the other hand the professional fishing in the sea in the area. That each fishing operator must hold a fishing license or co-ownership certificate in accordance with current regulations for the stated purpose. To adopt a fishing plan for 2021. at the 2020 Fisheries Meeting. PROVISIONS FOR THE EXERCISE OF FISHING. 1. ANNUAL FISHING CARD: SEK 300 current calendar year for water within the entire Fisheries Conservation Area with the exception of TORRHEDSTJÄRN and NORRLÄXEN. The card entitles to hook fishing with two hand gear + 15 pcs. Angeldon. 2. DAY FISHING CARD: SEK 60 valid for 24 hours from the time of the entire Fisheries Conservation area with the exception of TORRHEDSTJÄRN and NORRLÄXEN. The card entitles to hook fishing with two hand gear + 15 pcs. Angeldon. 3. DAY FISHING CARD: SEK 100 valid for 24 hours from time of time for either TORRHEDSTJÄRN or NORRLÄXEN. The card only entitles to fishing with a hand gear, for NORRLÄXEN ONLY FLY ROD, and ICE FISHING with a hand gear. The card price can possibly be increased during the calendar year at increased prices for juvenile fish. 4. SUPPLEMENTARY CARD: SEK 300 for the current calendar year for water within the entire FISH CONSERVATION AREA with the exception of SÖRSUNDET, TORRHEDSTJÄRN, NORRLÄXEN and BÄCKAR and Åar. For HAMRÅNGEFJÄRDEN and DAMMSJÖN ban on net fishing all year round. The card may only be redeemed by holders of annual fishing licenses for the Fisheries Conservation Area and entitles to fishing with any of the gear alternatives A, B, C, or D as follows: A. Four nets with a total length of a maximum of 120 meters, maximum height 1.8 meters. B. Four Russian lakes with an entrance not exceeding 1.2 meters. C. Longline with a maximum of 150 hooks. D. Four butts not exceeding 1.2 meters. CO-OWNERSHIP CERTIFICATE: SEK 60 current calendar year for water within the entire Fisheries Conservation Area, except for other regulations. Holders of co-ownership certificates are entitled to fishing in accordance with alternatives 1 - 5. In addition, holders of co-ownership certificates can apply to the board for permission to fish in other ways in the area. Shareholder certificates are issued by the board.

CANCER FISHING in the area is managed by the respective parcels and individual homes with certain exceptions. OTHER PROVISIONS FOR FISHING LICENSE / SHAREHOLDER CERTIFICATE HOLDERS. All fishing licenses are valid for family, ie husband and wife or equivalent who live at the same address and also children up to 17 years. Fishing may not be conducted on or in connection with a farm or holiday home. The nearest distance to the plot boundary is 10 meters. For NORRLÄXEN only fishing with a fly rod from land and ice fishing with a hand gear. l DRYTH STAR is only allowed to fish from land and ice with a hand gear of the following: reel rod, spinning rod, fly rod, fishing rod or fishing rod. l MARSJÖN fishing ban all year round. Within the entire Fisheries Conservation Area, a maximum of 3. Salmonous fish are caught during sport fishing per 24 hour period. In the entire Fisheries Conservation Area, there is a ban on so-called laziness and a ban on Pike Scissors. Prohibition 1 September - 31 December to fish in flowing water. Minimum dimensions in the area: Salmon trout 35 cm. Harr 35 cm. Catch window on Perch 45 - 65 cm - Pike 40-75 cm - Perch 25-35 cm. All fishing excluding crayfishing prohibited from pond 25 meters upstream - 50 meters downstream, as well as all bridges. Prohibition of jerk fishing in all waters. Exposed fishing gear must be marked, with name and telephone number or with name and address, so that it is clear who the user of the gear is. In angling, only live bait from the same watercourse shall be used to prevent the spread of fishing diseases and undesirable species. All crayfish fishing prohibited until further notice. Practitioners of fishing in the Fisheries Conservation Area are obliged to identify themselves with a fishing license / co-ownership certificate upon request or inspection. If gear is found in the area's water that does not comply with current statutes and regulations, these will be seized. Holders of fishing licenses / co-ownership certificates are obliged to stay well informed and follow any. changes in the specified fishing plan. Fishing plan is provided by the board upon request. Violation of these provisions in the exercise of fishing may also result in prosecution, with which the right to hold a fishing license and shareholder certificate is revoked Hamrånge on 21 March 2020.

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