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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Fishing rules for fishing within Ljusdal's fisheries conservation area 2021

  • To fish, a fishing license is required according to the Fisheries Act (1993: 787)
  • The fishing license is personal. It must be carried during fishing and presented on request to the police, fishing supervisor or fishing right holder.
  • Rubbish and rubbish are taken home and should not be left at the fishing place. Cigarette butts should not be left on the ice or thrown into the water when it is ice-free.
  • Firing may only take place at a designated place. Think about the risk of fire.
  • Children and young people under the age of 18 fish for free in the company of a parent without a fishing license. If they want to fish on their own, they redeem a free youth card via ifiske. Does not apply to our PT waters or the Leå system. Only hand tools apply

Fishing methods

  • Sport fishing gear: Fly rod, spin and reel rod, and met pimp rod. Applies to our put and take waters and other waters.
  • Only one tool may be used at a time. Applies to our put and take water.
  • Prohibition of so-called mashing and fishing with powerpait balls. Only dough is allowed.
  • Chopping hook is not allowed.
  • When fishing, a maximum of 15 units per fishing license applies.
  • Pike shears are prohibited
  • All crayfishing is prohibited.
  • Floating is allowed in St and Lilla Svartsjön, Sarvtjärn and Klacktjärn (, oars may not be used). Then counts as a boat. Valid fishing license is redeemed separately.

Minimum dimensions

  • Minimum size of caught fish: trout 35cm and grayling 35cm.
  • Light trout 40cm, grayling 35cm.


  • Only those registered in Ljusdal Municipality may engage in trolling.
  • Trolling with a maximum of 2 rods per boat.
  • Maximum 1 trout per boat.
  • Towing row with a maximum of 2 rods per boat.

Net fishing

  • May only be conducted by registered or fishing right holders in the waters where it is permitted.
  • Fishing right holders / registered with an annual card may set up five nets with a maximum length of 150m and a maximum depth on the nets of 6 feet (1.83m). Maximum 40mm in mesh size.
  • The networks must be marked with the owner's name and telephone number.
  • Network restrictions apply in the following waters. Storsjön, Bäckesjön and Letsjön.
  • Other lakes max 3 nets may be used.
  • Net ban and fishing with fixed fishing gear prevail within 200 m from all entrances and exits.
  • Net fishing and otter fishing are prohibited in Örasjön west of Ytterdal, Ulvasen, Lostersjön, Växnan.
  • Nets, Russians and bats must be marked with the owner's name and telephone number.


Shelter times

  • Trout: 1 September to 15 November.
  • During the period 1 September to 31 October, fishing is prohibited in flowing waters, such as Leån.

Special rules apply to Leån and Ljusnan.


  • Only catch a Release Quoted fishing with a maximum of 10 fishermen per day.

Only barb-free hook applies.

Only spin and fly fishing apply.

Requirements for fishing report.

Fishing with baited hook with worm, maggot, larvae and bait fish is prohibited.

Intermediate light:

The fly fishing stretch 450 m the upper part from the Morvall stream.

A maximum of 1 trout / grayling may be retained per day.

Other distances mixed with 3 fish per day.

Minimum size of trout 40 cm and grayling 35 cm

Fishing from a boat not allowed in flowing water (Edänge, Forsnäset and Morvall)

Fishing time 15.5 -30.9

Trout protected from 1.9.


All fishing is prohibited.

Special fishing regulations

Stora Svartsjön and Lilla Svartsjön as well as Sarvtjärn, Klacktjärn, Råtjärn.

Fishing with only one hand gear (Fly / cast / Angler / fishing rod

Maximum three fish per card./ and day.

A daily catch of 3 fish must not be exceeded.

Mashing is forbidden. (powerbait)

Boat ban applies. Note! Floating with oars counts as a boat.

Fishing license prices

All put a take water SEK 120 / day / 3 fish

A daily catch of 3 fish must not be exceeded.

Annual card SEK 350

Family card NOK 400

(Applies to Spouse and children / youth under 18 years)

Day pass other water SEK 70

Trolling card SEK 200 / year

(Must be supplemented with a regular annual card or day card)

Trolling Day card SEK 150

(To be supplemented with a regular annual card or day card)

Fishing rights holder SEK 200 / year

Moving SEK 50 / day /

Boat rental SEK 50 / day

In case of violation of these rules, a control fee will be charged.

Fishing licenses are redeemed at or at our points of sale.

Cottage rental and boats. Contact Bror Nord 070-666 77 23.

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