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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions

Rules for holders of fishing licenses as of 2016-01-01 

Fishing may not be conducted closer than 50 meters from someone else's jetty or residence, unless explicitly permitted by the land owner. Fishing must not be conducted in such a proximity to stationary fishing equipment (e. g. nets) that you might damage it.

The fishing license gives you the right to fish in lake Sommen in compliance with the existing rules and using only handheld tackle/methods such as casting rod, fly fishing rod, angling, ice fishing and trolling. Each license allows a maximum of 2 lines, whether attached to rods or not, with no more than 2 hooks or 1 bait jig attached to each line. When fishing from a boat in movement (trolling), only two persons are allowed to fish simultaneously.

The troll fishing license gives you the right to conduct troll fishing using a downrigger or diving trolling paravane. Observe that a maximum of six lures per boat is permitted.

Fishing with otter boards and surface trolling with planer boards is prohibited.

All persons on the boat taking part in trolling must own a valid troll fishing license.

We recommend using a single hook when trolling in order to minimize the damage caused to the fish to be released back.

The fishing license's owner is responsible for staying informed of and respecting the close season and closed areas for char and trout and he/she must also respect the bird protection areas in the vicinity of lake Sommen.

The fishing license, or alternatively the control number, must always be carried on fishing trips and must also be presented upon request of the police, fishery overseer or water right owner. During checking of fishing licenses, the fishing tackle should not be in use in order to ease inspection.

The fishing license is personal but it also includes family members up to the age of 20. If a person under 20 is fishing without the presence of his/her parents, he/she must be able to show an ID along with the parent's fishing license upon inspection.

Youths up to the age of 15 are allowed to fish without a fishing license but still, of course, in accordance with the regulations that apply to the lake.

In accordance with lake Sommens regulations the following (amongst other) applies:

The catch of char and lake trout is prohibited in the entire lake from September 16 through December 31. Whoever catches any fish of these species must release the fish back into the lake. See recommendations below! Fishing directed towards these species is prohibited during this period, as is all fishing within the four closed areas 1-4 during the same period.

The following determines the minimum size limits for fish caught in lake Sommen: pike: 40 cm; lake trout: 60 cm; zander: 40cm; char: 60 cm; eel: 60 cm.

Caught char and lake trout below the minimum size should not be held out of water for longer than necessary. It is preferable to remove the hook from a fish you intend to release without taking it out of the water, or at least minimize the amount of time a fish is held out of water. A fish that has been taken up should if possible be kept in a tub of water for a few minutes before re-released.

Prohibited fishing methods – Vertical jigging with sonar is only allowed in the western basin of lake Sommen (Sommenfjärden, Boxholmsfjärden, Tranåssjön och Torpafjärden). Excluded areas are east of the Torpö bridge (Torpöbron) in the south and the ferry quay (Färjeläget) in the north.

You may not use a fishing gaff or similar in order to snag fish – it is however permitted to use a gaff hook to bring fish caught with other tackle aboard.

Bag/Catch limits - The daily bag limit for salmonid fish (lake trout, char,  is 1 per fishing license. For other species there are no limitations.

Överträdelsesavgift - Påföljder gäller för fiske utan licens och / eller för brott mot ovan angivna regler. Överträdelse av ovan angivna regler kommer att leda till att Lake Sommens Fish Conservation Area tar ut en överträdelsesavgift.

Control Fees ("Kontrollavgift")

Recurring misdemeanor against net regulations: 500 SEK.
Fishing in prohibited areas, all fishing: 4000 SEK.
All other misdemeanors, like too many caught fishes or violations against fish length limits: 2500 SEK.

By obtaining a fishing license in any of the the affiliated fishing clubs around lake Sommen you contribute actively to the care of the lake and its fish stocks.

Remember that it is your conduct in nature and on the lake's clean water that determines how enjoyable the environment and experience will be. Keep nature clean! Be careful with FIRE! Do not light fires on the beautiful bare cliffs of lake Sommen.

Welcome to our unique lake!


In addition to national fishing regulations apply rules described below when fishing in the Sommen Fiskevårdsområde as of 2004-01-01.


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