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 Ungdom 0-17 år, Senior 18-64 år, Pensionär +65 år
 Is allowed for free fishing in Åkers Kanal, Trastsjön and Södersjön and Drängsjön. Applies 365 days from purchase.
 Children / Youth (under 18 years)
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Medlemskap ÖSFK – Barn/Ungdom / Österåkers Sportfiskeklubb

Issued by Österåkers Sportfiskeklubb in cooperation with iFiske.se
Membership #1:Validity: Valid for 365 days   
Price: 175 kr (SEK, Incl. VAT)
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 (Todays date: 26 Oct 2021)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Membership in ÖSFK provides a number of benefits. i.a.

Discounted fishing in Drängsjön (Put & Take water) for adults and free fishing for children and young people under 18 years.
Annual fishing license for SEK 1,500 in Drängsjön. Valid 365 days from date of purchase.
Free use of 2 pcs. bookable boats for fishing in Drängsjön
Sport fishing free with 1 hand gear in Trastsjön, Södersjön and the lower part of Åkers canal
A number of rowing boats to freely dispose of on the fishing waters
Free to dock at our piers on the club island Stora Mossön
Opportunity to buy so-called "Mossöbricka" which on ÖSFK's club island St Mossän gives access to: The clubhouse with accommodation and kitchen
Sauna, Harvia beach kitchen (fish smoke), Linder 440 fishing boat + electric motor + outboard (2.6 hp 4-stroke) + trolling ramp, Strömmingssköte complete.
For household needs, fish with nets, longlines and anglers on our archipelago waters according to our fishing rules
Towing or trolling with electric motor (max. 4 rods / boat) on our archipelago waters
Crayfishing (small fee) arranged by ÖSFK (agrees with bait and cages) if available
Participate in member activities / theme evenings, such as fly tying etc.
Participate in ÖSFK's fishing competitions (KM) for free or for a small fee

As a member of ÖSFK you are expected to:

To protect and nurture the club's affiliations and follow the club's issued bylaws and other rules
To participate in the management of the club as can be expected of members of a non-profit association

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