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The association's name is Laxåsjöarna's Fishery Association


The association's business area is the lakes that are leased by Sveaskog according to a special agreement. The following lakes are included in the lease, all located in Örebro County:

  • Mosjön

  • Lake Bodarnes - with the exception of the shift farm Backgården's water area

  • Long - with the exception of Långstorp and Långsbråten's water area

  • Great and Little Kråvattnet

  • Gäddtjärn

  • Abborrtjärn

  • West Laxsjön

  • East Laxsjön

  • Baltic Sea

  • Lake Braxna - with the exception of Markebäcken's shift range of water

  • key Tarn

  • Grytsjön and Örgaggen - with the exception of the shifts in the Dammens and Aspamarkens water area

Together, the aforementioned lakes cover 2650 hectares. The lease period is 5 years. Cancer fishing is the exception and is not included in the lease. It is used by Sveaskog according to special regulations.


1. SVEASKOGS employees, summer homeowners and accommodation with beach-close grounds we the lakes that are part of the association's leased water have the opportunity to become members of the association. Written application must be submitted to the association's board in accordance with a special form (see appendix!) That grants or rejects membership. The Board holds regular meetings in January, May, August and December.

In individual cases, other persons who have a documented interest in fishing and water conservation can also be granted membership of the board.

A member who has not paid a decided membership fee for one year may pay this retroactively in connection with a new card purchase (= double membership fee).

A member who has not paid a decided association fee for two consecutive years is automatically excluded from the association. If such a member applies for a new membership and is granted this, an extra one-time fee of SEK 300 is paid, in addition to the new membership fee.

2. Fishing rights owners and rights holders of fishing rights shall retain their fishing rights without charge. Sveaskog's tenants shall have the right to fish in accordance with what is stipulated in the lease agreement for forestry farming. The above-mentioned persons may become members of the association by paying this stipulated fee.

3. External persons who pay the prescribed membership fee can be admitted as members. The card must be placed on a certain person and must not be transferred. For each card, the alien must report a break-through copy. The cards must be numbered in continuous sequence. Children under the age of 15 who accompany their parents may fish without charge.

The number of members in the association may amount to a maximum of 250.


The association will focus its activities within the leased area on achieving a rational fishery in conjunction with good fishing management. In order to achieve this goal, the association wants to work for:

- Supervision and measures against illegal fishing, and encouragement of legal fishing through awareness raising

- Fish conservation and fish farming according to Sveaskog's fisheries management's approved proposal

- Use of legal and appropriate tools

- Recurring fishing records

- Raising members 'interest in and insights into good fishing management, obtaining literature and otherwise utilizing members' fishing interests


The annual meeting determines the annual fee for various fishing licenses, as well as which and how many gear may be used. Regarding fishing rights owners in the leased area, there are statutes in §3, second paragraph.


All sales of fishing licenses shall be made through the association and the fishing card vendor appointed by the board, which is accountable to the association.


Sveaskog's, the fisheries management's and the housekeeping's fishing officers, shall have the right to conduct trial fishing in the leased waters with the tools considered suitable for the sample fishing.

Section 8


Income through association fees from members and rights granted to them, shall be used to dispute overheads for leasing, administration, guarding against illegal fishing and to the extent that this can happen, to fisheries (implantation). The accounts will be completed on January 31, the following year and revised on February 15.

§ 9


Ordinary meetings are held annually in February or March. Each member has one vote.

Notice of the meeting takes place in accordance with what the association decides annually.

At the ordinary meeting, the following should be found on the agenda:

a / Election of Chairman to lead today's negotiations

b / Election of Auditors

c / Question about summons to the meeting duly done and decision on how the notice to the next meeting should take place, and about time and place for the latter

d / The Board's story

e / The accountants' story

f / Determination of fees to the Board and auditors

g / Determination of fees for fishing licenses

h / Determination of planned fish conservation measures in the coming year

i / Election of Board

j / Election of auditors and deputies

k / Cases submitted by the Board

l / I statutes received from members (no later than 31 January).

Extraordinary meeting is held, when the Board finds such a matter required by the circumstances, or if an extraordinary general meeting is requested by at least 5 members.

If a member wishes to raise any question or come up with a proposal for the annual meeting, he shall submit a written application to the board at least two weeks before the meeting.



The board shall be appointed for two years and shall consist of five persons, one of whom shall be appointed chairman of the association. The association also appoints three deputies.

The board itself appoints a secretary and a cash manager. The Board of Directors is quorate, at least 3 members or deputies are present. In the case of equal votes, the chairman has the casting vote. The board shall execute decisions made at the association's meeting.


Decisions on amendments to the association's statutes can be made both at ordinary and extra-ordinary meetings of the association, but must, in order to be valid, also be approved by Sveaskog.


When the association is dissolved, the assets in use shall be used for fishing in the former leasing waters.


The net and the rooster house must be clearly marked with names and membership numbers.

This also applies to upholstery where a maximum of 10 can be used.




The association allows gear fishing according to the fishing licenses and instructions.


During the period March 15 - May 15, phishing on or near the pike's playgrounds is prohibited.

Net fishing bans can otherwise - for some time and / or for some lake - be decided by the association or Sveaskog.


Networks, whose mesh post is at least 25 mm, are allowed.

3 nets with a total length of at most 90 m may be exposed simultaneously. Two or more fishermen are not entitled to connect their networks.

Net with finer mesh size must not be used for anything other than catching bait fish.

When fishing in the autumn, nets with mesh size xxx mm may be used.

For catching bait fish, no more than one net may be used. Such nets may be used throughout the year, but may not be left in the water overnight. Networks must not be laid around, or in the immediate vicinity of the subway.

Intentional catch of pike that is less than 40 cm in length, pike less than 38 cm and salmon trout with a minimum dimension of 25 cm straight from the nose tip to the tip of the tail fin, is prohibited. Captured such viable pike, pike-perch or salmon trout, it must be released immediately into the water and must not be included in the catch.


Fish mead of yarn with a mesh size of at least 25 mm may be used. Card purchasers must not have more than one such mare outstanding in the water.

During July 1 - August 31, fish moths and roaches may not be used. During the rest of the year, two roach houses may be exposed at the same time.

Fishing gear made of metal wire must not be used.


Fishing with so-called impact hook, scissors or patent hook is prohibited.


For catching the groin, as well as the necessary bait fish, the sinkhole whose diameter must not exceed 6 feet, may be used.


Anyone who uses nets or roaches for catching bait fish and bait, is obliged to keep a working sump for storing catches and for the time being unnecessary bait fish.

Section 8

Pulsing and any other way to scare fish into gear is prohibited.

§ 9

Those who have been authorized by the association to conduct fishing in the leased water by the association, are obliged to label their fishing gear which is left outstanding in fishing waters in the manner prescribed by the association.


The Board appoints the appropriate number of supervisors to monitor compliance with the Association's statutes. It is the responsibility of each member of the fisheries association to report to the board or appointed fisheries supervisor any offenses that can be observed and contravene regulations issued by the association or published in general notices concerning fishing activities.


The Board of Directors has the authority to exclude members who disregard these statutes. If the board finds the offense committed under mitigating circumstances or of minor importance, the Board should give the offending a warning. If a member who has already received two warnings commits further misconduct against these statutes, the board is obliged to exclude it from the association. These penalties do not limit the right of the Board of Directors to legally enforce the breach of applicable fisheries regulations.


This instruction is valid until the association at general meeting decides otherwise.

NOTE! Violation of the above instructions does not merely entail the confiscation of fishing rights, but in many cases is also punishable, among other things according to Örebro County's general announcements of August 10, 1939.

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