Supply details for your fishing permit(s)! Byskeälvens FVO Västerbottensdelen (2100 kr/item)

 Only for: Local residents (registered persons) within the boundaries of the fishery conservation area, OR, Holiday home owners within the boundaries of the fishery conservation area.

Holiday home owners are those who own a holiday home within the fisheries conservation area's boundaries and people registered in the same household as an owner of a holiday home.

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Årskort (Rabatterat) / Byskeälvens FVO (Västerbottensdelen)

Issued by Byskeälvens FVO (Västerbottensdelen) in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid to the end of the year (31 Dec at 23:59)   
Price: 2100 kr (SEK, Incl. VAT)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Byske River. 
Here you'll find the most important rules for fishing the Byske river.

Year card and zone card can only be bought by 
- Residents within the fishery conservation area boundaries
- Persons who have their cottage / summer retreat within the fishery conservation area boundaries


Children & youths fish free of charge until the day they turn 18. Fishing permit must also be carried for children and young people, free fishing permits are obtained after registration in iFiske. The fishing permit is valid in all waters within the fishing area and with the same rules.

Salmon and sea trout
Fishing for Salmon is allowed until August 31. Until June 18 it is catch and release only, meaning all fishes caught, dead or alive, must be released back into the river.
Between August 1 and August 31 you are only allowed to keep salmon within the length of 50-63 cm. All other catches of salmon must be released into the river with no exceptions.
You are only allowed to keep sea trout within the length of 50-63 cm throughout the season. All other catches of sea trout must be released into the river with no exceptions.
Minimum size for salmon and for sea trout is 50 centimeters.
Bag limit: 1 salmon or sea trout/day and 5 salmons & 5 sea trouts/year.
You are obliged to report your catch of trout and salmon exceeding the minimum size within 24 hours.
When a salmon or a sea trout is killed, the angler is obliged to practice catch and release for the remaining day (until time 24:00).

Landowners may hold other fishing rights.

The bag limit for Grayling is 5 per day and angler, and the minimum size is 35 cm. Grayling is not allowed to catch during the period April 1st through May 31st.

During June all fishing is forbidden from 06.00 - 18.00 between the blue bridge (the bridge in to the village) and the cable bridge of wood in Byske. In the same area, only single hooks are allowed for all fishing methods during June.

All fishing is forbidden in the Byske River and the tributaries from September 1 until December 31. For landowners all fishing is forbidden in Byske River and the tributaries from September 1 until October 14.

All fishing is forbidden in the area around the permanent fishing in Fällforsen on both sides of the river, all year round. This area extends 50 meters upstream of the water intake and 100 meters downstream of the discharge to the fixed fishing.

More than 2 meters tippet length is not allowed.

Foul hooked fish must be released.
A really hooked fish must be crocheted inside the mouth. The hook must be in the mouth hooked inside and out. If the hook is seated on the outside of the mouth, the fish shall be regarded as foul hooked, and consequently must be released, dead or alive.

We recommend always catch & release with hollowless hooks to facilitate the re-launch. Always try to minimize drilling time. The fish can be damaged during the fight due to overproduction of lactic acid in the muscles. Especially when the water temperature is a bit higher, over 16 degrees, it is difficult to release fish that has been drilled for a long time. It is always your responsibility to handle the fish with maximum respect.

Catch and release recommendation: The basic rule is to always handle the fish as carefully as possible. Remember to moisten your hands. The fish have a layer that protects them against bacteria. If this layer is destroyed by improper handling, the fish can be exposed to infections.

Never pull the fish on land! Unhook it in the water with a pliers/peang. If it is not possible to loosen the hook, cut the paw. Never lift the fish, which should be re-cast in the gels or in the tail with the head downwards. The health of the fish should always come first. Make sure the fish can "stand" by itself in the water before releasing it. Air exposure increases the strain on the fish. A quick picture is usually ok but never let it affect the health of the fish. A good photo, exact length and weight are of secondary importance.

Apply rotational fishing. The fishing is conducted according to the "circulation principle", ie frequent changes of fishing place. When you start fishing, start upstream other anglers and fish downstream. Leave room for the next angler, so that everyone has the opportunity to start their fishing.

Fishing from boat in the river is reserved only for the following:
- Land owners and related parties.
- Companion of a person entitled to fish from a boat may also fish from a boat.
- People who live along the river within the fishing area.
- Owners of cabins within the fishing area.

The lakes
In the lakes with seeded fish it is allowed to catch fish all year long.
It is only allowed to fish with a rod at a time per fisherman, so it is forbidden to put out several rods.
Fishing may only take place from land, except for ice fishing.
No minimum dimensions are stipulated in the release lakes.
Total catches of grayling, rainbow, trout and char, are kept no more than 3 fish / day and fishermen.

You are obliged to report your catch of trout and salmon,
It is important that caught fish are reported, this also applies to re-exported fish. Therefore, reporting is required throughout the season within 24 hours of catching on trout and salmon that holds the minimum size.

Within the fishing area there are 5 reporting places. These are found in Byske, Selet, Fällfors, Blankselet and Myrheden. You can also report caught fish via the fishery area's website, APP and by e-mail, the address is:

Suspension: Fishermen who repeatedly do not comply with current regulations can be suspended and fishing permits can be revoked. This also applies to those who violate discount and well-being rules. However, the suspension will last until the next yearly regular meeting. Longer shutdowns shall be decided by the yearly ordinary meeting.

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