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 Fiskekorten gäller i hela sjön Värmeln.
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
SÖDRA VÄRMELNS FVOF WELCOME FISHING on the southern part of lake Värmeln All fishingwaters of the district, which are defined on the map on the opposite side is administrated by the Fishing Association o Lake Southern Värmeln (Södra Värmelns Fiskevårdsområdesförening) RULES AND REGULATIONS (01May2015-30Apr2016) General regulations • All crayfishing is prohibited • Fishing with net and other more permanent kind of methods is only allowed to persons, owing a property which includes fishing rights, and, if so, the equipment must be well marked with buoy(s) and labelled with name and telephone number of the owner. • Trout must be 60 cm or more and is under protection 1 September till 31 December • Pike-perch must be over 45 cm but not over 75 cm and is under protection 15 May till 20 June • Pikes over 100 cm should be returned Note: The Association has released salmons in the lake and it can sometimes be difficult to identify if a salmon or trout has been cought. On the released salmon, the small fat-fin on the back has been cut, while on the natural trout it will still be there. The dots on the side of the fish side also goes further down towards the belly of the trout, while the salmon almost only have dots on the upper part of the back. Fishing rules and regulations • Only members of above mentioned association (landowners etc) have permission to all kind of legal fishingmethods. • Others, like summerguests and temporary visitors, can by a fishing permit, which will allow fishing only with handtackle i.e. fishing rod, casting rod, flyfishing rod and jigg. From a moving boat (motor etc) it is restricted to use a maximum of THREE trollingspoons/-wobblers etc behind the boat. This limitation is regardless of how many persons carrying valid fishing permits there are in the boat! • The permit is personal and can not be used by any other person. • Youth under 16 are allowed fishing with handtackle without any charge, but of course following all other rules. Fishing permits One day permit SEK 50:- One week permit SEK 100:- Four weeks permit SEK 200:- Annual permit SEK 300:- Valid permit must be brought along by the angler and be shown, when requested, to fishing supervisor, owners of legal fishing rights and fellow anglers. Please note that Fishing permits are valid not only for South Värmeln but also North Värmeln!! WE URGE YOU TO FOLLOW ALL RULES AND REGULATIONS AND WISH YOU A PLEASANT FISHINGTOUR! Contact: Anders Borgström (+46) 070-5437888 (president) Sven-Olov Alfredsson (+46) 070-5627523 (treasurer) Big catch? Please call Sigurd i Boa (Sigurd Bengtsson) 073-8079495 and inform him!!
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