Supply details for your fishing permit(s)! Dellensjöarna, Svågan mfl (250 kr/item)

 Denna förenings namn hette tidigare Bjuråker-Norrbo FVO. Korten gäller tills vidare, men kommer allt eftersom att uppdateras!
 Also applies to spouse and partner. Children under the age of 16 are fishing on the target.
 The week card applies to all fishing waters, except the put & take waters.
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Week card / Dellenbygdens FVO

Issued by Dellenbygdens FVO in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid for 7 days   
Price: 250 kr (SEK, Incl. VAT)
From what date and time should it be valid from:

 (Todays date: 27 Oct 2021)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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All trout in Svågan downstream of the Brännås dam- Dellen lakes minimum size 45 cm maximum size 65 cm. All trout below / above must unconditionally be returned carefully.
All grayling 35 cm.
All pikeperch 45 cm / 3 fish per card.
All other precious fish 30 cm.
A daily catch of 4 precious fish must not be exceeded.
For trolling, year / day cards and trolling cards are needed.

To fish in the Dellensjöarna you need 2 cards (annual card / day card / weekly card + net card)

Children / young people fish for free up to and including 16 years in the company of a guardian / adult.

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