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Day permit / Växjösjöarnas FVOF

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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions

Växjösjöarnas FVOF (Fishing Area Rules and Regulations)

The fishing area
The lakes covered by these fishing regulations are: Barnsjön, Trummen, Växjösjön, Södra Bergundasjön and Norra Bergundasjön. For fishing in ponds and lagoons and intermediate watercourses, should be contacted. License-free float fishing is allowed in the canal between Söderleden and Södra Bergundasjön.

Fishing licenses
Fishing licenses are personal and are not transferable to other persons. The fishing license and valid personal identification must be carried while fishing.

Purchasers of fishing licenses shall take note of and follow the applicable rules and limits for the areas granted access by the license.

Anglers not following the rules of the fishing area will be fined SEK2000 by the fishing supervisor.

Fishing methods
Permitted fishing methods are angling, spin-fishing, fly-fishing, “pimpel-fishing” from the ice (with one rod per fishing license), “dragrodd” rowing the boat with lures behind it, and vertical fishing (with two rods per fishing license). During fishing, the boat engine, petrol, diesel or electric motor, must not be running. Fishing licenses are also valid for 6 tip-ups or 6 ice fishing rods as well as carp fishing in Trummen and Växjösjön. All other methods of fishing are prohibited.

Catch restrictions and bag limit
Pike smaller than the minimum (50 cm) or larger than (75 cm) and zander(pike-perch) smaller than the minimum (50 cm) or larger than the maximum (65 cm) size shall be released immediately at the place of capture, regardless of condition. A maximum of two pike or zander (pikeperch) per fishing license, per day, within the size range may be kept.

All perch less than 20 cm can be kept. Perch larger than 35 cm shall be released immediately at the place of capture, regardless of condition. A maximum of five perch per fishing license, per day, within the size range of 21-35 cm may be kept.

Motors for transportation are allowed in all lakes except Växjösjön, where all kinds of motors are prohibited. 

The use of two stroke motors will be prohibited in Södra Bergundasjön and part of Norra Bergundasjön beginning on 1 Jan. 2021 (See the regulations of Bokhultets Nature Reserve for more information). 

Mooring places

The fishing area offers mooring places for boats in Södra Bergundasjön. If interested please contact It is not allowed to put boats on the shore or on land.

Bird protection
Södra Bergundasjön and Norra Bergundasjön are part of the Bokhultets Nature Reserve. Follow the regulations for bird protection: 


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