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 Does not apply to fishing in Nuolajärvi.
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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fishing regulations
As a fisherman, you are obliged to find out which fishing rules apply where you are going to fish. In the waters Gällivare Fiskevårdsområde provides for fishing, the following fishing regulations apply:

The minimum length to kill and retain fish is: 35 cm for trout and grayling and 50 cm for salmon. The length of the fish is measured from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail fin.
In the Lina river and the Vassara river it is only allowed to keep a maximum of one trout per fisherman and day in the size of 35-45 cm. All trout that are larger or smaller than this size must be unconditionally released (according to the fisheries regulations regulations FIFS 2004: 37).
To protect the young stages of salmonid fish, fishing with natural bait (worm, maggot, shrimp, bait fish and the like) is prohibited in all flowing waters.
To protect the trout in connection with play, fishing for trout is prohibited in flowing water between September 1 and October 14. Trout caught during this period must be released unconditionally, regardless of size.
Fishing for hares is prohibited between April 15 and May 31 to protect the game during play. The grayling caught during this period must be unconditionally released, regardless of size.
Fishing for salmon is prohibited during the period from 1 September to 31 December. Salmon caught during this period must be returned unconditionally, regardless of size
In order to limit the catch in smaller watercourses, pike fishing in flowing water and seal is prohibited in all watercourses.
Fishing with otters and hence comparable gear is prohibited, and fishing with trailers or the throw line on which more than 3 hooks are attached is prohibited.

In Noulajärvi, fishing from boat / float is prohibited.

In Noualjärvi, a maximum of four fish of the species trout and rainbow trout can be kept per day and fishermen.

It is only allowed to fish with one rod per person.

The partner card gives the right to phishing with a maximum of 5 networks. Net prohibition applies in all waters where fish are planted, ie Nuolajärvi, Sikträsk, Harrträsk, Lake Suola and in all running water.

Free fishing applies to children up to and including 10 years. Young people / children aged 10-17 can buy specially designed youth cards for cheaper prices.

When purchasing the partner card, the property name must be indicated.

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