Supply details for your fishing permit(s)! Mossasjön (500 kr/item)

 Take out if you have taken more fish than allowed / fish.
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Kontrollavgift / Gnosjö Sportfiskeklubb

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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Rules for Mossasjön

A valid fishing license must be carried with all fishing.
The card is personal and may not be transferred to another, and at the request of the fisheries inspector, it must be possible to present it.
Please note that it is always up to the fisherman to stay informed about current fishing rules at the water in which they fish.

! Parking may only take place at the designated place !!

Entrance is at the sign MOSSASJÖN! Park on each side of the roadblock.

If packing takes place at a place other than the designated packing place, the fishing license will be forfeited.

Fly fishing or spin fishing is allowed with one hand gear / rod per fishing license holder from land, but only with a single hook.

Angling / Bombarda / Throwing float / Throwing ball is Forbidden.

It is forbidden to use Powerbait, Shrimp, Mask, Corn or similar bait.

It is only allowed to use maggots during ice fishing.
If you intend to fish and put the fish back, Catch & Release, C / R, you must fish with a barren single hook!

Fish that are allowed to catch and keep are Rainbow, Trout, Perch according to the rules of the respective fishing license. other fish must be returned.

Different options on fishing licenses

The following rules apply to each card

1: Fly fishing catch & release card only applies to fly fishing with a fly rod. Fish that bleeds must be picked up and if a fish is clubbed, the fishing license is used up and you must redeem a new card if you want to fish more the same day.

2: Fly and spin fishing card 2 fish only single hook may be used. pull / spinner with three hook may not be used but it is only cut off two hooks with a pair of pliers so only one hook remains or change hook.

If you kill 2 fish, you have used up the right to continue fishing. If you want to continue fishing the same day, you must redeem additional fishing licenses.
Please note that caught fish to be returned Catch & Release, C / R must be returned with the utmost care. Never hold a fish without first wet your hands!

3: Annual card only applies to fly fishing, Catch & release is allowed, however, bleeding fish must be caught a maximum of 8 fish per annual card, caught fish must be reported

All unauthorized fishing is fined with an inspection fee of SEK 1,000 and reported to the police.

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