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1–7/3 och 1–14/10: Fiske endast med årskort!

 Available only for purchases between March 8 and September 30.
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Day permit / Laholms Laxfiske

Issued by Laholms Laxfiske in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid to the end of the day (At 23:59)   
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.

Fishing license
Fishing licenses are required for sport fishing in Lagan.
The fishing license is personal, and may not be transferred.
Lost fishing license will not be reimbursed!
Children under 18 fish for free.
NOTE! The annual card must be printed out or picked up as a physical card in Laxahuset on Gröningen. See contact details for further information.

Fishing times

Premiere day: 1/3 regardless of ice condition.
Scrub: 8 / 3–31 / 12.
Salmon, trout, other fish: 1 / 3–14 / 10.
1-30 / 9 (September): Fishing allowed at 06: 00-21: 00
1–14 / 10 (October): Fishing allowed at 06: 00-19: 00
1–7 / 3 and 1–14 / 10: Fishing only with annual license!

Fishing methods
Only one rod per person.
Only one bait / pull per rod.
Hand tools only.
Use lead-free pulls and the sink. Think about the environment!

Unauthorized fishing methods
a) Jerk fishing is prohibited under Swedish law.
(b) Intentionally or unintentionally incorrectly hooked fish, hooked in places other than in the mouth and throat, shall be hooked with the utmost care and immediately released. The fish must not be taken out of the water during this operation.
c) Upstream throw is not allowed.
d) 1-14 / 10 only fishing with single hook allowed.
e) Maximum hook size allowed is 12 mm from hook tip to shaft.

Violation of applicable rules may result in revocation of fishing rights.

Boat fishing
Trolling only between Smedjeån's outlet and to the island just upstream of Lagaoset (estuary).
No fishing from a boat during the month of March and 15 / 9–14 / 10.

Spin fishing
By spin fishing is meant fishing with a spin or reel rod and a multiplier or reel.
As bait, spoon pulls, spinners, wobblers, spinner flies, jigs and anglers with baited hooks are allowed.
All other baits are thus prohibited.

Fly fishing
By fly fishing is meant fishing with a fly rod, fly line, tafs and fly. Pay attention when wading.
The water level can be raised without prior warning.

Fishing area
Fishing allowed from sign approx. 250 m downstream of Laholm power station and to the sea, a distance of approx. 8 km.
1–14 / 10 fishing only from the upper limit of the fishery to the western tip of Ösarp's island (for flounder see below).

Fly fishing: During the period 1 / 3–30 / 4, only fly fishing is allowed from "Kanalen" / Gamla åfåran to the sea on the south side of Lagan.
At Jise's pool (reef north), Per Karls Hall, Bryggan (Reningsverket) and Svinaholmen (Ösarp) within the signposted area.
Apply rotary fishing when the fishing pressure is high!

Spin fishing: Gröningen, Halmstadhålan and Reningsverket (by the power line) within the sign area.

Scrub is fished only on the stretch Daggan - the sea and only with bottom angling.

For Smedjeån, a special fishing license applies.

See the map for info about the different fishing areas.

Fishermen may keep a maximum of three salmonids per day.
Leached salmon and trout, so-called besa, must be released again.
Salmon with fat fins left should be replaced.

Registration: Caught salmon and trout must be measured, weighed and reported no later than the day after the day of capture .
Reporting / weighing is mandatory. Reporting can be done on our website or at Laxahuset on Gröningen.
An annual card will be raffled off to one of the people who has reported their catch. See further appropriations at Lagan.

Minimum dimensions
Counted from the tip of the nose to the outer tip of the tail fin.

Salmon 45 cm
Trout 45 cm
Scrub 20 cm
Other fish species, see current fishing regulations.

The fisherman must carry his fishing license clearly visible in a plastic pocket on his arm and otherwise follow the instructions given by the supervisor. The fisherman is obliged to know the fishing rules and carefully observe the rules. Fishermen who violate current regulations and fishing rules, or who behave disruptively to other fishermen or non-fishermen, are suspended from continuing fishing in the Act. As anglers, we assume that you show consideration for the environment in which you live with its nature and wildlife. Think about the damage a discarded line or hook can cause in nature. Waste, food, paper, etc. are thrown in bins.

Fishermen must be able to identify themselves at the request of the supervisor.

Marking fishing spots with rods and backpacks etc. and then walking from there is not allowed.

Rule changes
Changes or additions to the rules can be made during the current season. These are posted at Laxahuset and on our website.
It is up to you as an angler to keep yourself informed about the current regulations for fishing.
Violation of applicable rules may result in revocation of fishing rights.

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