Supply details for your fishing permit(s)! Sunnedamm (200 kr/item)

 Supplement for 1 extra person, purchased at the same time as you book and pay for a cottage "Holiday rental (1 person)" , which gives the opportunity for another person to stay overnight in the cottage.
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Tillägg - Extra person i stuga / Sunnedamms Sportfiske

Issued by Sunnedamms Sportfiske in cooperation with
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Price: 200 kr (SEK, Incl 25% VAT)
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 (Todays date: 26 Oct 2021)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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  • Check-in from 17:00 and check-out no later than 15:00.
  • Shared service facility with toilet, kitchen, etc. is located in another building. Comforter and pillow are provided, but own bedding / sleeping bag is required and will be taken by you as a guest.
  • The cottage should be left clean as it was upon arrival.
  • It is not allowed to leave dishes in the counter.
  • The key must hang on the hook inside the door or sit on the inside of the door lock, and the door should be left unlocked.
  • When returning home, the cabins should be vacuum cleaned and the floors wiped with a damp cleaning mop if necessary.
  • Outer shoes must not be used inside the cabins
  • After use, the cleaning site should be rinsed off and left in the condition it was when you arrived.
  • Cans / bottles are placed in designated containers at the large cabin and garbage should be put in bags and thrown in the garbage bin at the entrance.
  • Flax stumps, cigarette butts, snuff, small debris, etc. must not be thrown in the grass. Think about the animals, which eat everything that is on the ground and get stuck in ropes.
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