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Årskort - 365 dagar / Arbrå FVF

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Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid for 365 days   
Price: 200 kr (SEK, Incl. VAT)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.

Valid from 2020-01-01 based on a decision at the Association's Annual General Meeting 2019.

Applies to all water unless otherwise stated.

The fishing license is personal and should be included in all forms of fishing.

Young people up to and including the year they turn 16 years old fish for free even without the keeper's company.

In all waters, fishing may only be carried out with “hand tools”
(Clarifying; It is therefore not allowed to fish with eg nets or ruffles within Arbrå FVF)

Fishing with anglers allowed, max 15 pcs / person.

Catch limitation in all waters of a total of 3 fish per day and person, relates to Trout, Trout, Rainbow and geese.

Prohibited from marketing fish caught within Arbrå-Undersvik's fish conservation area. Exception for bait fish.

Fishing ban in flowing water between September 1 and December 31 does not apply in Ljusnan.

Anyone fishing within the Arbrå FVF is responsible for finding out and following the applicable fishing regulations.

Observe local regulations signposted at the respective waters.
(Clarification; This can also be done on the website or via social media).

All fishing is done at your own risk.

Exemptions from current fishing regulations can be applied for from the Board.

Lillsjön and Stugsjön.

Minimum size trout 35cm and char 25cm.

Fishing is allowed with a maximum of 2 rods / person.

Fishing equipment must never be left in the water without supervision.
(Clarifying; it is therefore NOT allowed to fish while you are sitting in the caravan. Nor is it allowed to occupy a jetty / fishing spot when not fishing)

Prohibited from fishing from boats or other floats.

Floating fishing may only be done with fly rod.

Fishing ban in Stugsjön from 1/10 to winter premiere, and from ice release to summer premiere.

Fishing ban in Lillsjön from 1/11 to winter premiere, and from ice release to summer premiere.

From the Premiere and the whole of the following week, fishing is only allowed with “Dygnskort incl. P & T "

Please note that from 2019 there are different rules within Arbrå-Undersvik's FVO.
The specified rules apply within the Arbrå FVF's area. Other rules apply to other areas

Maximum gauze 70cm (all gauze above 70cm must be re-exposed)

Minimum size of trout caught in Orsjön / Kyrksjön 50 cm (all trout below 50cm must be discarded)

Trout fishing prohibition from 16 / 9-24 / 12 in flowing water (inflows) and 200m out into Ljusnan from the inlet mouth.

Trolling fishing allowed with a maximum of 6 rods

From the outlet of Lake Galv to the inlet of the ridge hillside,
joint distance with Bollnäs FVF.

Fishing may only be done by fly or spinner.

Fishing may only take place during the period 1 June - 31 August

Catch restriction 1 fish / day and person.

Minimum size, trout 35cm, grayling 30cm.

For fishing, fishing licenses are required in Arbrå FVF or Bollnäs FVF.

In all waters within Arbrå FVF, except the area from the mouth of Ängaån in Ljusnan to Storön in Snaten.

Fishing for crayfish within Arbrå FVF requires a fishing license, day card or annual license.

From Ängaån estuary in Ljusnan up to Storön in Snaten, the cancer fishing is managed by Änga village people.
In that area, there is now a total fishing ban on crayfish until 2020.

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