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 Calendar year, valid until 31 December.
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Årskort - Familj / Storsjöns & Vätternsjöarnas FVOF (Skinnskatteberg)

Issued by Storsjöns & Vätternsjöarnas FVOF (Skinnskatteberg) in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid to the end of the year (31 Dec at 23:59)   
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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§1. In order to conduct fishing in the Storsjön & Vätternsjöarna fishery area, the fisherman must hold a valid fishing license or fishing license. Free fishing applies to children under 15 years.

§2 . Fishing licenses and fishing licenses shall be carried with a fishing permit and at the request of the police or fishery supervisor shall be presented. Valid identification must be carried to prove identity of the fisherman.

§3. Solving fishing licenses entitles you to fishing with 1 hand tool, 2 roach huts, 15 angels or 12 stand hooks. Only one rod per card may be used for trolling fishing.

§4. Fishing with nets and pike scissors is prohibited in the entire fishing area. Fishing rights owners can fish with 2 nets (60 meters) on their own fishing water.

§5. Minimum dimensions for pike and trout are 40 cm. Substandard fish should be returned dead or alive.

§6. Catches must be presented at the request of the supervisor or police.

§7. Fishing may only be done for your own house needs.

§8 . Outstanding gear must be marked with the fisherman's name and telephone number.

§ 9. Throughout the year fishing is prohibited in Darsbobäcken, in the Hedströmmen between Övre and Nedre Vättern, and 100 meters from the Hedströmmen estuary in Nedre Vättern. A fishing ban applies 100 meters from the mouth of Gerån and Darsbobäcken during the period 1 September to 31 December.

§10. Cancer fishing is prohibited.

§11. Violation of the above fishing regulations may result in the association charging control fee as per.

Violation of § 2–3 SEK 200

Violation of § 4, 2000 per network and SEK 200 per pike scissors

Violations § 5 SEK 500 per substandard fish

Violations 6–8 § 200 SEK

Violation § 9–10 SEK 2,000

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