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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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The Sollerö Fishery area comprises some 60 lakes and streams.
Categories of fishermen:

  • Part-owner and within the Sollerö parish number-written persons (members).
  • Others (general).

For general, only fishing with hand gear is allowed. For Siljan and Orsasjön there is a special fishing license, (Siljan's card) regarding tow, otters and trolling fishing. The same fishing license applies to all fishing waters except for the Put and Take lakes.

Pute and Take

  • A special fishing permit applies in Björnsjön, anmisjön and Oxtjärn, and a maximum of three fish per card, which are redeemed by automatic at Ekorrån (Mångberg), Gesunda (driveway mountain) or at Oxtjärn.
  • Fishing in these lakes is allowed from the 1st Friday in June at. 20.00 until the ice release next year. In Oxtjärn, only fishing with a fly rod is allowed during the summer.
  • Only fishing with one rod / line per fisherman. For other regulations and times regarding these lakes, see appropriations for each lake, and card dispenser.


  • When fishing with hand tools for members and the general public, only one rod / line per card may be used in all lakes and streams within the Sollerö Fishery area. NOTE! This also applies to Siljan.
  • Fishing licenses shall be carried during fishing and may be presented to fishery supervisors. Family cards apply to a spouse or cohabitant and children living at home. Children under the age of 15 are included free of charge on the adult cardholder's card. This does not, however, apply to fishing in Lake Assis, Lake Björnsjön, Oxtjärn and Lake Rädsjön.

minimum size

  • 30 cm of noble fish is valid in all waters within Sollerö FVOF (not Siljan) with the exception of char in Rädsjön, where 25 cm applies. In Siljan, special rules apply. Noble fish in our waters = Trout, char, whitefish, grayling and rainbow.

Fishing prohibited

  • Fishing prohibitions apply in the Mangngån (the distance below the mangberg dam to Siljan). Also applies to the outlet in Siljan.
  • Fishing ban all year in Walking Star. Whole walking star with fishing hut is rented to companies and companies. For more info call 0250-22555, 22671 or see more info under the section Going Star Fishing.
  • All fishing is prohibited from September 1 until the end of the year in all running water


  • Fishing from a boat for the public is permitted in the following waters: Siljan, Säxen, Sävsjöarna, Vådsjön, Fjärdsjöarna and Mangngsjön.
    (Multi-lake motorboat ban). In other waters there is a fishing ban from boat and float.
  • Fishing from boat and tow rod for members applies the same as for the general public with supplements for the Sälsjöarna, Rädsjön, Långsjön, Grossjön and Grundmången (Motor may only be used when moving in these lakes, also applies to electric motors).


  • Phishing bans for members apply in all waters on the mainland with the exception of Säxen, Vådsjön, Fjärdsjöarna and Sävsjöarna.
  • The same provisions apply as for fishing for long-distance fishing, long-distance reef, fishing hook and bay.
  • All outgoing fishing gear in all waters shall be marked with name and address or telephone number.
  • Markings shall be made with approved flags or five-liter jars at both ends of the implement.

fly fishing

  • Only Fly Fishing is allowed in the Mangngån (Norra fjord stretch to Mangngsjön) and Oxtjärn.

Fish below the minimum size and other fish that are not to be retained are gently unloaded with a damp hand and re-exposed.

Each fisherman is obliged to find out the applicable regulations for each water.

Be careful with fire in forest and land and only fire at designated locations

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