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 Endast catch-and-release samt flytring i flugfiskesjön Lissjön. 
 Only fly fishing from float, catch and release.
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Dagkort (Lissjön) / Gimmens FVOF

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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Fishing rules in Gimmen 2021

1. With a fishing license, fishing may only be conducted with hand gear

2. With a fishing license, fishing may be conducted with hand gear and outstanding gear (mare & Russian)

3. Children under the age of 12 fish on a parent's card and quota

4. Outstanding gear is marked with the owner's name and address. Unmarked seized.

5. Fishing with otters, sledges, stand hooks and pike shears is not permitted

6. Maximum 1 rod per card.

7. Trolling, maximum 4 rods per boat (1 fishing license per rod)

8. A maximum of two (2) precious fish per person per day, regardless of the number of fishing licenses

9. Minimum dimensions: Trout - 45 cm Char - 30 cm

10. Only one card per person when fishing. Maximum 10 gear per card when fishing. Traditional fishing hook should be used.

11. Only one card per person for ice fishing (fishing with bait fish and three hooks). Maximum 4 rods per card.

12. Fishing ban applies in Gimån and Gimmen's inflows between 1/9 - 31/12

13. All crayfish fishing is prohibited

14. All forms of phishing are prohibited. Valid regardless of fishing license and / or fishing license.

The fishing association has a boat for rent at the boathouses in Gimmen. Contact Lars-Åke Andersson 0243-23 03 69 for booking

Only fly fishing from floating is allowed and catch and release in Lissjö separate fishing license.

Fisheries supervision
Jan-Olov Hedberg, Lars Jonsson, Kjell Larsson, Mikael Karlsson, Gösta Grånäs, Dan Hallin, Anders Hedlund and Magnus Holm.

Certificate of fishing license can be obtained from Gimmens Fvof's treasurer Lars Jonsson 0702857833,

Everyone who fishes in Gimmen is obliged to read and follow current fishing rules and bring and on request show a valid fishing license when fishing. Violations are prosecuted by the fisheries inspectors and / or reported to the police.

Violations of rules are allowed to pay an inspection fee of SEK 2,000.

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