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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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1. In order to carry out fishing in the Gunnilbo fishing area with the lakes Övre Gävjan, Kalven, Nedre Gävjan, Dammängsån, Fantebosjön, Bockhammarsån, Dammen, Erlandsbobäcken, Stora Kedjen, Lilla Kedjen and Gunnilboån, the fishing license must have a valid fishing license certificate.
2. Free fishing for youth under 18 years.
3. Fishing licenses and fishing licenses shall be carried with a fishing permit and at the request of the police or fishery supervisor shall be presented. Valid identification must be carried to prove identity of the fisherman.
4. Resolution of fishing license entitles to fishing with 1 (one) hand tool, a roach or 15 angeldon. Only one rod per card may be used for trolling fishing.
5. Fishing with nets and pike scissors, as well as cancer fishing, is prohibited in the entire fishing area. Fishing rights owners are allowed to lay nets and use ponds throughout the fishery area, but cancer fishing only on their own fishing water. Network bans apply from June 1 to August 31. Networks, cages and yards must be clearly marked and provided with names and telephone numbers.
6. Minimum dimensions for pike and trout are 45 cm. Substandard fish should be rescued dead or alive.
7. Catch shall be presented at the request of the supervisor or police.
8. Fishing may only be done for your own house needs.
9. Time of conservation: The trout are protected in flowing water during September-October and the geese are protected from all fishing during the month of May.
10. Violation of the above fishery rules causes the association to charge a control fee of SEK 1000. Resolved 2020-06-10

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