Supply details for your fishing permit(s)! Stora Bygdeträsket, Göksjön, Tallträsket m fl vatten (50 kr/item)

 Tills vidare gäller fiskeförbud i Risån och Sikån!
Gädda över 80 cm längd måste ovillkorligen släppas tillbaka!
 Max three fish!
December 1 to May 1 annually.
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Dagkort - P&T Skorvbergstjärn / Stora Bygdeträsket FVOF

Issued by Stora Bygdeträsket FVOF in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid to the end of the day (At 23:59)   
Price: 50 kr (SEK, Incl. VAT)
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 Can't be purchased for the period of 1 maj through 30 nov (Endast vinterfiske.)
 (Todays date: 27 Oct 2021)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.
  • Fishing licenses are required to fish in all waters within Stora Bygdeträskets FVO.
  • Season ticket; applies to families with children under the age of 16 in the company of a guardian.
  • All fishing in the area is for household needs, all sales of fish from our area are prohibited. Do not catch more fish than you need for your own needs.
  • Catch limits and fishing rules are set to regulate the extraction of fish at a level that our stocks can handle and in this way we can ensure regrowth, maintain a balanced ecosystem in our lakes and develop attractive fishing. By following the rules, we all help to preserve and manage fishing today and for the future.
  • The Family Year Card and Day Card cover fishing with a rod and hook in all waters within the fisheries conservation area except the put and take waters.
  • On the family year card, the whole family fishes with children under 16 living at home in the company of a parent.
  • We would like to receive a report of the catch of grayling and trout as soon as possible, it is important for us and the authorities we work with today to get a picture of how the development of fishing in flowing water is developing. Tallån has been whitewashed for more than SEK 15 million since the start in 1991, Sikån has been restored for SEK 200,000 and we are keen to receive information that it has been useful to defend the cost.
  • NOTE! Fishing bans apply in all flowing waters until further notice. Otherwise, CR (barb-free hooks) applies in flowing water on grayling and trout in our larger rivers (Sikån, Tallån, Risån, Kvarnbyån).
  • Please note that fishing WITHOUT a fishing license, where required, is an illegal and punishable act under Swedish law. (HVMFS - FIFS 2004: 37). Fisheries inspectors therefore have the right to seize all equipment used and illegal fishing leads to a police report. If you break our rules, the violation is reported to the Police, who then decide whether the violation should be passed on to the prosecutor.
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