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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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  • Permitted fishing methods: Spin fishing, fly fishing, angling, ice fishing with ice fishing rods and pimples. Maximum 2 rods per fisherman.
  • Catch and release, however, anglers may bring food fish as follows per person: maximum 1 pike, 2 perch, other species only c & r. Min 40cm and max 90cm apply to pike. Max 30cm applies to perch. Weighing must be done in a weighing bag or net, absolutely not hanging in the gills / mouth. Rubberized nets must be used. For pike, feel free to use the so-called gill grip. Not a chopper! When fishing in the vicinity of spawning, roe deer females should preferably not be lifted out of the water but, if possible, hooked into the water (in nets). Spotted fish must always be released.
  • All catches must be reported to create a better picture of the quality and stock of the fishing water. Length, preferably weight, and preferably large copies with picture.
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