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Fiskerättsägarebevis / Nedre Moälvens FVOF

Issued by Nedre Moälvens FVOF in cooperation with
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.

General fishing regulations NOTE. New rules from 2018!

  • Allowed fishing gear
    • A fishing rod may be used at the same time
    • Angled fishing with hook (not scissors) from ice. Max 10 don.
  • Fishing licenses and valid identification must be included in all fishing.
  • Fishing licenses are personal and must be presented to the supervisor upon request.
  • By purchasing a fishing license, the fisherman accepts that the fishery supervisor has the right to look in a backpack, fishing bag, dumpster chair, cooler bag and spaces in a boat.
  • NOTE! In the event of violations of the rules of the Fisheries Conservation Area, a control fee may be charged in accordance with the Fisheries Conservation Areas Act (1981: 533).
  • Total ban on net fishing, rusks and long reefs in the fishery area!

Conservation time and protected areas: NB. New rules from 2018!

  • All fishing is prohibited about 50 m upstream and about 50 m downstream of the sluice plant. Fishing limit downstream of the lock is marked with signs, see also marked prohibition area on map. Throwing the bait into this area is prohibited. This ban applies all year round!
  • All fishing for salmon and sea trout is prohibited during the period 1 January - 18 June and 1 August - 31 December.
  • During other times, ie June 19 - July 31, the following applies: Catch restriction and minimum dimensions: Maximum one (1) salmon or sea trout per day may be caught. The minimum length 50 cm applies to both species.
  • All fishing for pike is prohibited during the period 1 May - 20 June.
  • Conservation of reproductive areas. All fishing is prohibited throughout the year in the fishery area's streams and within a radius of 100 m from the streams outlet. Cold loans and Billabäcken upstream of Billatjärn are the exception.

Water with special rules

  • BLACK TART, Myckling


  • Boats may be used for fishing except for Hamptjärn and Svarttjärn.
  • Trolling license entitles to trolling fishing with a maximum of 4 rods / boat in NMFVO's part of Moälven.

Species and catch restriction: Allowed dimensions within brackets NOTE. New rules from 2018!

  • Pike, (40 - 75 cm) Max 3 fish / day
  • Perch, (0-35 cm) Max 10 fish / day
  • Pike, (45-70cm) Max 3 fish / day
  • Sea trout, (min 50cm) Max 1 fish / day
  • Salmon (min 50cm) Max 1 fish / day
  • Lake
  • Resin (min25cm)
  • Rainbow (See rules on fishing licenses for Black terns and Hamptons)
  • Röding (See rules on fishing license for Svarttjärn)

Control fees from 2018

  • Fishing with nets: SEK 4000
  • Fishing in unclaimed water: SEK 4,000
  • Caught and killed fish of unauthorized or unauthorized size: SEK 500 / fish
  • Fishing with incorrect gear or bait: SEK 500
  • Fishing with too many gears or incorrect handling: SEK 500 / gears
  • The maximum amount at the same time is SEK 4,400

Fishing information & Map
Year card (calendar year) SEK 500
Year card Youth 17-19 years (calendar year) 250: -
Trolling card Moälven (calendar year) SEK 1,000
24 hour card (24 hours) SEK 50
Youth under 17 Free

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