Supply details for your fishing permit(s)! Ädelfiskevatten Malingsbo-Kloten (390 kr/item)

 OBS! Ädelfiskekort som köpts för ädelfiskevatten i Krampen gäller EJ i Malingsbo-Klotens ädelfiskevatten!
 Applies to a family in the area's red / pink water, between 00: 00-23: 59.
The family card is valid for precious fishing one day for 2 adults and 3 children / young people up to the age of 15 .
Max 6 fish / card. NOTE! In Hedströmmen, a maximum of 1 fish may be caught! (Ö el. RB) Minimum size of trout 45 cm.

Red waters:
Rågåstjärn, Långtjärnarna (Övre Långtjärn, Mellan Långtjärn, Nedre Långtjärn) Lilla Djurlången ..

Pink water:
Mellantjärn, Hedströmmen, Abborrtjärn.

 NOTE! Delayed validity period 30 minutes.
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Dagkort Malingsbo-Kloten Familj - Röda & Rosa / Sveaskogs Ädelfiske (Sveaskog Förvaltnings AB)

Issued by Sveaskogs Ädelfiske (Sveaskog Förvaltnings AB) in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid to the end of the day (At 23:59)   
Price: 390 kr (SEK, Incl 25% VAT)
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 (Todays date: 26 Oct 2021)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.

Our precious fishing licenses and rules

  • Day pass: Valid for fishing from 00.00-23: 59. A maximum of three fish per card may be caught. (Hedströmmen MAX 1 fish (Ö el. RB) Free fishing for children and young people up to the age of 15, valid in the company of a guardian / adult / person who has a valid fishing license. (On his quota)
  • Family card: Family card is valid for one day for 2 adults and even an age of 15 years, A total of 6 fish may be caught. (Hedströmmen MAX 1 fisk (Ö el. RB)
  • Weekend card : The weekend card is valid during the weekend, fishing can start at 16.00 on Friday and is valid all Saturday and Sunday until 23:59. A total of a maximum of 6 fish during the weekend. (Hedströmmen MAX 1 fish (Ö el. RB) Free fishing for children and young people up to the age of 15, valid in the company of a guardian / adult / person who has a valid fishing license. (On his quota)

NOTE! Noble fishing licenses purchased for noble fishing waters in Krampen do NOT apply in Malingsbo-Kloten's noble fishing waters.

To think of

  • Before embarking on a fishing trip, pay attention to the following terms and conditions:
  • The fishing license is personal and must be provided with your name and stated validity date. Upon request, you must be able to present the fishing license and also be able to identify yourself.
  • The fishing license must always be carried when fishing.
  • You are obliged to check what applies before you start fishing. The County Administrative Board can provide more information ( ).
  • Changes or additions to rules and instructions can be made during the current season.
  • Other fisheries legislation applies in addition to these rules.
  • If you break the rules, the fishing right ceases immediately
  • In case of suspected poaching, please contact Sveaskog's customer center on tel. 0771-787 100.

Our precious fishing waters

In our precious fishing waters in Malingsbo Kloten, you can fish for implanted trout and rainbow trout, but also for natural stocks of trout and char. A large selection of water that suits everyone who lakes and ponds to flowing water. The different color markings on the map show our waters and where you can fish and what type of fishing license is required.

RED WATER - Put & take -   Lilla Djurlången, Rågåstjärn, Långtjärnarna (Övre Långtjärn, Mellersta Långtjärn, Nedre Långtjärn)

  • Spin, angling and fly fishing
  • Continuous release of salmonid fish takes place during ice-free season
  • Winter fishing only in Lilla Djurlången
  • Maximum 3 fish per card / day.

ROSA VATTEN - Put & take - Mellantjärn, Perch lake, Hedströmmen rainbow fishing - Hedströmmen's trout fishing

  • Fly fishing only.
  • Continuous release of salmonid fish takes place during ice-free season .
  • Maximum 3 fish per card / day.
  • NOTE! In Hedströmmen, MAX ONE fish may be caught per card and day.
  • NOTE! Minimum size trout 45 cm.
  • Betting in all flowing waters.
  • Fishing ban in Hedströmmen on the trout section 1 / 10-31 / 12. The stretch from Nyhammardammen - Nedre Borgfors.
  • Hedströmmen, section Road 233 - Nyhammar dam fishing allowed all year.

Other rules for fishing

  • Fishing may be done with ONE rod, (one card = one fishing rod).
  • A fly, a lure or a hook with bait, non-living bait in our precious fishing lakes may be attached to a rod. The rod used must be carried by hand or at every opportunity be immediately accessible to the fisherman.
  • Tug fishing is prohibited, but it is allowed to use a hook to salvage caught fish.
  • Mashing not allowed.
  • Fishing with otters or nets is prohibited.
  • Own boats, canoes or the like may not be used in our precious fishing lakes and streams, however, floating fishing is only allowed in Lilla Djurlången.

Terms and Conditions  

  • Crayfish must not be caught.
  • Fire may only be started in designated places.
  • Do not litter, take the rubbish home or use the bins next to the parking spaces.
  • Camping with motorhome / caravan only allowed for those who have a fishing license.

NOTE! Fishing licenses purchased for fishing in Malingsbo - Kloten's noble fishing waters do NOT apply in Krampensjöarna's noble fishing!

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