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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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General fishing

- Fishing ban in flowing water 1 Sept - 31 Oct, and 500 m from the rivers' inlet and outlet in Flåsjön and Trångvattnet. Kvarnån 2 km south of Alanäset is completely protected all year round.

- Sport fishing with a maximum of 3 hand-held baits.

- Free fishing for children and young people up to the age of 14 only in the company of a parent who holds a valid fishing license (on his quota).

The minimum size for trout, char and grayling is 25 cm and applies to all water!

Pike over 70cm must be towed back this applies throughout the system and is a recommendation of the County Administrative Board!

Fishing from a boat allowed only in the following waters:

Gissmansvatten, Kalvan, Flåsjön, Lomtjärn, Trångvattnet, Ursvattnet, Gåxsjön, Svanavattnet, Lillhällvattnet


Maximum number of baits 10 pieces

Net fishing

Net fishing refers to Flåsjön other waters only sport fishing. If net fishing in other waters may be conducted, this is decided by the respective shift type. In all net fishing, net marks must be provided with the owner's name and telephone number.

Within own parcels apply: Fishing right owners unlimited number of nets, permanent residents 10 nets, sports cabin owners 5 nets

In addition to own parcels, the following applies: Fishing right owners 10 nets, no net fishing for permanent residents and sports cottage owners

Net ban 500m from the inlets and outlets of the rivers from 1 September until the ice settles.

Violation of the association's rules can result in a so-called control fee of SEK 4,000.

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