Supply details for your fishing permit(s)! Väsman (150 kr/item)

 The card is valid on the following date:
28/8 at 17.00 to 30/8 at 09.00.
Rules, map for printing. mandatory.
 NOTE! Crayfish cards can be purchased by the owner or simultaneously solves a årsfiskekort.
 To buy 'Kräftfiskekort Period 3 (Allmänh.)' you must at the same time buy (or already own) a valid product of the type: Sportfiskekort (årskort)(300 kr) eller Ortskort (årskort)(10 kr) eller Årskort (Trolling / utterfiskekort)(500 kr). Enter the eight digit code for a valid product of the type Sportfiskekort (årskort)(300 kr) eller Ortskort (årskort)(10 kr) eller Årskort (Trolling / utterfiskekort)(500 kr) that you already own, to be able to purchase 'Kräftfiskekort Period 3 (Allmänh.)'. If you do not own a product of that type, just put one in the shopping cart now and buy it at the same time.
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Kräftfiskekort Period 3 (Allmänh.) / Väsmans FVOF

Issued by Väsmans FVOF in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid 23 August to 25 August   
Price: 150 kr (SEK, Incl. VAT)
From what date and time should it be valid from:
 This product can not be purchased so far in advance. Please try again later. Pre-purchase max 60 days in advance.
 (Todays date: 26 May 2020)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Rules for cancer fishing in 2020

Fishing rights owners:

The fishing rights owners fish according to the dates and times below
7/8 at 17.00 and until 13/9 at 09.00.
The fishing license owners fish throughout the lake regardless of the type of shift.

Fishing gear must not lie in the lake between 09.00-17.00. 10 cages / share.
Cancer fishing license SEK 150, l Fishing license per cancer fishing license shall be held.

Crab Fishing:

14/8 at. 5 pm to 4/8 pm 09:00
21/8 at 5 pm to 8/28 pm 09:00
28/8 at 5 pm to 8/30 pm 09:00

The general public fishes throughout the lake regardless of the type of change.
Note that when you buy a cancer fishing license you must choose a type of shift.

Price 150 SEK 10 pcs Cancer cages / marshes may be added per cancer fishing license.
Fishing gear must not lie in the lake between 10.00. 09:00 to 17:00. Cancer fishing licenses are solved at
Marking of implements: The implements shall be marked with a white float marked with name and telephone number.
In addition, there should be one (1) flow per cage.
NOTE! Cancer fishing licenses can be purchased by the person holding or simultaneously redeeming an annual fishing license.
New from 22/8 2019: First, the customer buys a Sport fishing license (annual card) or Trolling .... (annual card), on the fishing card is the code.
Those who already have a current year card go to Step Two.
Step two: You use your code on the fishing license to unlock the cancer fishing license. Choose the period of time you should fish for crayfish.
The annual card for one purchase and the cancer fishing card for the next purchase.
Nowadays, you cannot put the annual license and the cancer fishing license in the same shopping basket.

l crayfish fishing license per annual license may be purchased. 10 crayfish cages / marshes may be added per cancer fishing license.

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