Supply details for your fishing permit(s)! Rottnen (80 kr/item)

 Personer som ej fyllt 15 år får utan avgift fiska med kastspö, pimpel och mete samt drag efter roddbåt. Trolling med motordriven båt ingår ej. Alla övriga skall lösa fiskekort.
 The area includes the lake Rottnen including the lake Kalv. NOTE! Lake Tomtsjön, Lake Mörtsjön and Lake Lillasjön are not included!

Issued fishing licenses must be carried during fishing and presented at the request.

The card gives permission for the use of throwing rod, pimple and angling and traction after rowing boat. If trolling with a motor boat is required, additional cards must also be purchased. In addition, the card allows for angel with 15 hooks (only when the lake is ice-coated).

Goats that are over 70 cm long should be re-exposed.

Pike that is under 50 cm long should be re-exposed. Pike over 80 cm should be re-exposed.

Perch over 40 cm should be re-exposed.

Fishing for pike-perch on probable play bottoms (sand, gravel and pebbles between 1-5 meters deep) is avoided during mid-April to mid-June. Hook or scissors must not be used.

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Dagkort (grund) / Rottnens FVOF

Issued by Rottnens FVOF in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid in 24 hours   
Price: 80 kr (SEK, Incl. VAT)
From what date and time should it be valid from:

 (Todays date: 1 Jun 2020)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions

The fishing area includes lake Rottnen and lake Kalv. OBSERVE: Lake Tomtsjön and lake Lillasjön are NOT included.

To be allowed to go fishing you must buy a fishing permit. An issued permit should be brought along while fishing and you should be able to present your fishing permit when asked to do so. Those who are not able to present a permit will be cut off from furher fishing. Up to the age of 15 years you are alowed to fish without a permit. with casting rod, jig, ordinary fishing rod or trolling by rowing boat. (When trolling with a motor boat an additional fishing permit must be obtained rergardless of age.)  The permits are personal and are not to be transfered to anyone else. 

Basic cards: When obtained these cards allow you to fish with casting rod, jig or ordinary fishing rod. Winter fishing with fixed gear (Swe: angling) up to 15 hooks is also included.

Additional cards: These cards gives you the possibility to extend your basic card with  motor boat trolling. Two rods per issued additional card.

None of the cards gives the holder any right to crayfishing nor any use of fishing nets.

The permits does not allow the holder to go by car och motor cycle (or any such vehicle) on private roads. A permit must be obtained from the land owner.

Pike-perch: Over 70 cm in lenght should be relaesed

Pike: 50-80 cm are keepers. Others should be released.

Perch: Over 40 cm should be released.

Fishing for pike-perch on spawning grounds (sand, gravel and small stone bottoms between 1-5 meters depth) should be avoided from mid April through mid June.

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