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 Fishing license valid for young people between 16-25 years
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Veckokort Ungdom (16-25) / Hedevikens FVOF

Issued by Hedevikens FVOF in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid for 7 days   
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 (Todays date: 30 May 2020)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Fishing Hede Bay FVOF

  • All fishing without a ravine, valid fishing license is prohibited.
  • Day cards are valid from the time issued.
  • Annual Pass valid calendar.
  • Minimum size for grayling, trout and char 30 cm.
  • Maximum four fish / day, catch limit applies trout / char / trout / rainbow.
  • Only pole is allowed. Pole means that only a tool with line and hooks may be used.
  • Children under 16 can fish with their guardian on parental cards and quota.
  • Live fish may on no account be carried and used as bait.
  • Mashing prohibited.
  • All fishing for trout is meanwhile September 1 to October 31 is prohibited in flowing waters and in lakes and calm within a distance of 200 m from their respective inlet and outlet.
  • All fishing for grayling in streams prohibited during the period 1 April to 31 May
  • Littering (eg. Cigarette butts, cans, disposable barbecues, etc.) in our water is in the FVO such prohibited, inspection fee may be charged in accordance with LOFO 1981: 533 Section 31.

Special rules

  • Especially fishing license required; Tumsjön, Rörsjön and Gulbergstjärn, however, is the weekly ticket valid for all permitted waters (Gulbergtjärn from 1 / 1-1 first Sunday after Easter).
  • Angling / caste angling not permitted; Bergtjärn, Gulbergstjärn
  • Only fly fishing; Svarttjärn, Lesser current (Ljusnan 600 m below Coves Lake, distance of 200m).
  • Phishing cards can be bought for; Coves Lake, Stavsjön and Magrassen. Maximum 6 network, nätdobbar shall be marked with the name and phone number.
  • Angel Fishing allowed in Ljusnan with lakes, Vågan and Stortjärn.
  • Trolling / otter board is allowed for Lake Coves, Stavsjön and Magrassen.
  • Ice fishing allowed in Svarttjärn and Gulbergstjärn the period 1 January to 1st Sunday after Easter.

Boat / float tube

  • Fishing from a boat may take the following waters: Ljusnan with lakes, Tumsjön, Stortjärn, Vågan and Rörsjön. In Tumsjön and Rörsjön ban two-stroke marine engines. Boats for rental: Sonfjällscampen 070-6292286
  • Belly permitted at a cost of an extra day card.

In other waters must not use a boat when fishing.


In violation of regulations concerning fishing operation in Hede Bay FVOF can control fee levied in accordance with LOFO 1981: 533 Section 31. This also littering!

  • FVOF can decide on the temporary ban on certain waters for example. Fish releases or enter preferences.
  • FVOF disclaim any responsibility, all fishing is done on the cardholder's own risk.

Hede Bay FVOF wish you good fishing!

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