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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Rules for sport fishing within the Hossmo fishing area

1. Fishing only with 1 rod. For specimenmete max 3 rods.

2. Chopping hook prohibited. False hooked fish should be resubmitted.

3. Mete is prohibited from the dust hatches at Kölby mill until Bingafallet from the opening day until April 30, and from Bingafallet through the church hole from the opening day until March 14, fly and drag are allowed. There is a bidding ban between the stone bridge and the case at St. Binga from the opening day until 31/3. Fishing ban from the first plot below Kupagölen on both sides and all the way downstream to the mouth 1/6 - 30/9, also applies to boat fishing.

4. Only 2 salmon fish (salmon / trout) per season and 2 other fish per day may be retained per fisherman, all fish shall be recorded, weighed and measured the same day at the blackboard outside the mill in Binga, the catch will not accrue to the fishery until then. Salmon / trout must be between 50 and 60 cm to be retained. Pike must be between 40 and 75 cm to be retained. Perch should always be exposed.

5. Fishing licenses do not qualify for cancer fishing.

6. Littering in and along the river will inevitably lead to the withdrawal of fishing licenses. Anyone who violates current regulations or otherwise interferes with can be suspended from further fishing in the waters of the fishery area.

7. Violation of the Hossmo Fisheries Area Association's rules which resulted in the withdrawal of a fishing license does not entitle you to recover the fee paid.

8. Fishing licenses and ID documents must always be carried during fishing and must be presented to the fishery supervisor or landowner on request.

9. When fishing from a boat, it must be anchored as well as a personal boat license. Maximum two adults in each boat. Prohibited from fishing from other floating devices.

10. Fishing on water between red-marked beaches is prohibited.

11. Between 1/10 and 30/11, the annual licenses from Spakenör and downstream apply. All fish during this period shall be discarded. The trout is protected.

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