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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Regarding fishing rules PROVISIONS FOR FISHING IN THE MOUNTAIN WATER LAKE Background Närfisket in Mountain Lake Water managed by Dorotea municipality. Regular releases of salmon family fish, mainly trout, rainbow trout and brown trout occurs in Berg Water Lake. Fishing on Lake Mountain Water: 1. Only 4 salmonids (trout, char, trout) may be killed / fishing license (daily). Annual pass holders receive only the right to kill four salmonid fish per day. Minimum size 30 cm. Other fish species may be caught without restrictions. 2. Only fishing with a rod, caste, spinning, ice fishing, or fly rod is allowed. Only one rod may be used by fishermen and shall be fished from hand (rod may not be left on land or ice with bait out there). 3. fishing from boat, raft, etc. is prohibited. Fishing from float tube is allowed. 4. Fishing license also applies to the holder's children under 15 years fishing in his company. However, a maximum of 4 salmonids per card killed. 5. The fish waste must not be left in or adjacent to the lake. Risk of spreading parasites to live fish exists if this is not handled. 6. Children and youth (youth between 6 through 16 years) living (written) in Dorotea municipality can obtain free fishing license during the summer holidays, provided that the municipality is sponsoring 400 free pass annually. Otherwise, the fishing license resolved. 7. School and childcare are allowed to fish for free in the lake after notification to the municipal fisheries manager. A description of the fishing results are provided to the municipality responsible fishing. 8. Group Permission for companies and organizations in connection with the events, at least 15 people applied for at the municipal fisheries manager. 9. Permission for the Lions annual winter competition sought from the municipal fisheries manager. 10. Fishing Manager may take a decision on rules related to fish stocking. 11. Fishing License may add five angeldon or five rods / day tackled angel hook or treble hooks and dead bait fish in order to catch pike. Gäddsax is prohibited. Clarification hooks may only be baited with dead fish bait and not otherwise, such as mask, powerbaite, maggots, etc. The fishery may only take place during the islagda period. 12. Fish Head or replacement for fish manager must decide on rules for decimating fishing.
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