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 A printed copy of the fishing permit shall be kept on during the fishing and upon request, to the supervisory staff.
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Årskort för fiskerättsägare / Storsjön (Jämtland)

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Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid for 365 days   
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Free lure fishing
Lure fishing is free in the entire Great Lake. With the lure meant rods, jigs or similar gear fitted with rope and a maximum of 10 hooks. In addition, "the fishing method does not may assume the use of the boat."
General and private water
Great Lake consists of general water (the so-called Storsjön), where the public under the Act have relatively far-reaching frifiskerättigheter, partly by private water, the latter divided into four fishing areas, (Great Lake-Östersund, Storsjön-Krokoms, Great Lake Åre and the Great Lake-Berg FVO).
Fishing license
For fisheries not covered by the free fishing lure fishing license must be solved. A common fishing license for Storsjöns all fishing areas can be solved. Prices: 50 kr / day, 150 / week, 600 SEK / year. For owners of fishing within its own fvo 50 / year and for the entire lake 250 / year.
Authorised gear
When fishing with fishing permits on private waters and on fishing in public waters on common implements regulations.
It is allowed to fish with:
• Dunutter, features otters, trolling and trolling with a maximum of 10 baits per boat.
• No more than 180 meters of bottom set nets with maximum depth of three meters.
• A bottom-set longlines with up to 100 hooks. The hooks must not have floats.
• A maximum of six fish traps or cages. (The cages also intended pots, creels and similar instruments).
• No more than 10 stalls hooks.
Other general rules
• In the Great Lake is phishing ban during the periods May 15 to June 15 and December 1 to December 31.
• Minimum size for trout is 45 cm. Caught trout under the minimum size should be released.
• Outstanding gear shall be marked with the owner's name and address or property designation.
• Fishing is prohibited in all grayling live streams during the period April 15-June 1.

Special rules in each fishery conservation
Great Lake-Berg:
• All of phishing is prohibited within a radius of 200 m from hamnpirens the tip off Billstaåns estuary and south of a line from the cottages about 500 m north of Capri to old timmeravlägget in Galhammar. See the map of paragraph 2.
• All of phishing is prohibited outside of all the pelvic outlet within a radius of 200 m during the periods from 15 April to 31 May and 1 September to 31 October.
Great Lake-Krokom and Great Lake-Östersund:
• All of phishing is prohibited within an area bounded by a line waterworks Memory Gärde - Vallsund Bronze connection to Frösön and a line from Östersem through a line of Chicken Holmen to Frösön. See the map of paragraph 1.
Great Lake-Östersund:
• All of phishing is prohibited within a radius of 200 m from Odensala brook mouth and Vålbacksåns estuary. See the map section 3 and 4.
• All of phishing is prohibited outside of all the pelvic outlet in a radius of 200 m during the period from April 15 to June 15 and September 1 to October 31.
The tributaries to the Great Lake also applies:
• Prohibition to fish for trout in the period 1 September to 31 October in all the running water up to the first definitive migration barrier.
• All fishing is prohibited year-round in Semsån and Odensala brook and in all streams within Storsjön-'s fvo.
Printed fishing license must be carried on during the fishing and upon request, to the supervisory staff.
The anglers are required to inform themselves of the rules that apply in each area.


Where fishing occurs that differ from each fishery conservation area regulations, the fishing area or its representative is entitled to charge an inspection fee. The fee may vary depending on the violation, up to a maximum of 4 400, -.

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