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Year card / Mölndalsåns FVOF, västra sektionen

Issued by Mölndalsåns FVOF, västra sektionen in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid for 365 days   
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Fishing rules for the western section's short-fishing area in Mölndalsåns fvo. The fishing license applies to:
- See above on the extent of the associationThe cardholder's family members, ie. Spouse (-e) / cohabitant and home-grown child up to 19 years old, is entitled to accompany the cardholder and participate in his / her own gear. Fishing can be done with hand tools and angeldon. Fishing with moth after the roach is only permitted for fishing during the ice fishing season and is limited to a moor that must be marked with the fishing license number clearly visible so that it can be read without the gear being taken up.
1. Only anglerfish from these lakes may be used for angeldon fishing in Stora and Lilla Hålsjön.
2. Carp caught shall be returned to the prison immediately.
3. The fishing license does not apply to crayfish. Diseases 16 years or younger may fish without a fishing license in the card-related fishing waters according to the same rules as for short-haulers. The fishing license is valid for the specified time and according to the stipulations of law. In case of abuse or violations, the card is withdrawn and the fishery is not required. The fishing license must be carried on with fishing and the identity must be valid. The fish must not be taken at bathing beaches during the bathing season. Empty land, farmland and individual dock must not be taken care of.
Keep in mind that the fishing license does not entitle you to use individual roads or to park in an inappropriate manner. Use Your Review.
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