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 Youth 15-18 years. Observations of sick fish are reported via
 Applies to fishing in Hålan. Upper boundary about 100 meters downstream of Tullbron - lower limit about 150 meters downstream of Söderbron
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3-dygnskort Ungdom Hålan / Destination Falkenberg AB

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Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid for 3 days   
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.

Our routes

The following rules are set up to create a pleasant experience for you who fish and to protect the Ätranlaxen and our other fish stock. Remember to always treat other fishermen and fish with respect. The rules include both things that are governed by law and special rules for our water. The fishing area extends from Hertingforsen to Söderbron, but rules and prices differ for the different sections and pools.

Changes or additions to the rules can be made during the current season and be announced via grants at the salmon cottage. You have the responsibility to make sure that you have the rules that apply.

Fishing area

The fishing area extends from the upper boundary in the Hertingforsen to the lower boundary in the Hole and is divided 3 stretches:

Hertingforsen - New fly fishing line in the old recreated river pass by the power station

Laxbron - Customs bridge. Classic fly and spin fishing waters divided 8 pools

The hole - popular for fishing for trout, but also angling with the kids after flounder or ferry.

fish times

The fishing season for salmon and sea trout extends from April 1 to September 30 and it is allowed to fish from 05.00-02.00. Fishing cabin normal open 05.00-23.00. Fishing hosts are available at. 07:30 - 09:30 and 17:00 - 19:00.

Fishing license

To fish in the Falkenberg salmon fishing water you need a fishing license. The number of cards for sale for fishing in Hertingforsen is limited and the number can also generally be changed during the season. Season cards can only be purchased at Falkenberg's tourist information.

Free fishing applies to children up to and including 14 years. Young people aged 15-18 are fishing at a discounted price.

fish Place

Only fishing with spin-fly rod and traditional shrimps is permitted. Only one rod per person. Mete with worm or live bait fish is not allowed and it is also not allowed to use artificial baits with fragrances. Rules for which fishing methods are allowed for each section can be found under the heading Streams and pooling . Tug fishing is prohibited under Swedish law. Intentional or unintentional error-hooked fish hooked elsewhere than in the mouth and throat should be retracted with the utmost care and immediately released.

fly fishing

By fly fishing is meant fishing with fly rod, fly line, fly and fly.


By spin fishing is meant fishing with spinning or reeling rod and multiplier or reel roller. As bait, spoons, spinners, wobbles, spin fly, jig and traditional fishing with shrimp are allowed. All other baits are prohibited.

Stretches and Pooling

Pool divisions and stretches are excellent in the terrain with poles showing what kind of fishing is allowed. Map with pool division can be downloaded as file on ifiske. You can find it at

The dike fox fly all season, all catches must be immediately and with respect re-released. Fishing takes place from the north side.

The salmon bridge only for traditional shrimp or other permitted grazing choices. Throwing is not allowed.

Pool 1 Spin - all season (50 m downstream of Laxbron - floating buoys). Cargo not allowed between Laxbron and Storön

Pool 2nd Spin / fly all season (floaters - Fajansbron).

Pool 2 : b Spin / fly all season (floaters - Fajansbron).

Pool 3 Spin / fly all season (Fajansbron - Friluftsteatern).

Pool 4 Spin / fly all season. (Open Air Theater - Garvareforsen).

Pool 5 Fly all season. (Garvareforsen - Sandbanken). The water flow in Ätran is regulated and extra high water levels may mean that wading is not possible. In such cases, fishing can take place from land on the north side. When the "pointed stone" is visible in the rapids, fishing must not take place from land on the north side.

Pool 6 1/6 - 31/7 fly, other time fly / spin. (Sandbanken - Olympia Garden).

Pool 7 1/6 - 31/7 fly, other time fly / spin. (Olympia Garden - 50 m downstream of the Customs Bridge).

Hole Spin / fly / mete all season. In the hole is also mete with mask allowed.

Boat fishing: 50 m downstream of Laxbron - Laet. Boat anglers and other fishermen should show consideration for each other. It is also allowed to fish with your own boat in Hålan up to the underwater cable downstream of the Tull bridge, at the pool sign.

Fishing from the Fajansbron, Tullbron and Söderbron is prohibited.


Catch and reporting rules are essential to protect the wild stock of Ätranlax and trout.

Unleashed salmon (besor) should be re-released throughout the season. The allowable day catch (recovered catch) is two salmon or trout. Exceptions are Hertingforsen where all catches will be re-released throughout the season. You get to re-release caught fish and continue your fishing until you reach the daily quota. Remember, however, that this should be done with the utmost respect and caution towards the fish. During the period from 1 April to 30 June, you can catch (recovered catch) a total of no more than three salmon. When you catch three salmon, you have to stop fishing for the rest of the time until June 30. In September, all caught fish over 75 cm must be re-released. We recommend that all mature fish (especially playful females) be released during September. Fault-hooked fish, crooked at places other than mouth and throat, should be immediately retracted and re-released with the utmost care.

minimum size

Calculated from the nose tip to the outer tip of the tail fin.

Salmon ............. 45 cm

Sea trout ... 45 cm

Fish that do not keep the measure must be released immediately.


As a fisherman, you are obliged to report your catch, which also applies to catches that are re-released, leaked fish and other fish species. Catch reporting is an important tool for fisheries management. Reporting is done through a link that comes with your digital fishing license, via a fishing license number on or by filling in the intended form inside the salmon cottage. Also note your catch of salmon and trout on the outside paintings at the salmon cottage. Released fish are estimated to be lengthy and recovered fish are measured and weighed at the salmon cottage.

Note special rules may apply to participation in events such as this year's salmon fisherman or the like. Be careful and contact a fishing host if you got a big catch. Check out the competition rules if you want to compete.

Due to the presence of "non-etheric salmon", we want to take samples from the salmon suspected of being foreign. Some salmon are labeled; nosmarked and / or greasy cut. Fishing host is responsible for species determination and sampling. Even Ätranlax can be sampled. We hope to understand this inconvenience.


If you intend to re-expose the fish, barbed hooks or hooks with pierced barbs are preferably used. The fish are best left in the water and not lifted in the air. Do not forget to wet your hands when handling the fish, as its mucous membranes are sensitive to touch. Use a long shaft pliers to remove the hook. Remember to try to tease the salmon as short as possible in the stream, as the fight also stresses the fish. When releasing the fish, hold it in the water against the stream so that the gills are oxygenated and gently released when it comes on.

Supervision - general rules

Fishing licenses together with identification must be presented at the inspection of the fishing host or supervisor. The fisherman is required to have knowledge of the applicable fishing rules and to follow them. The fishing is carried out according to the "rotation principle", ie the fisherman moves continuously downstream with frequent changes of fishing spot. A throw, one step is a good basic rule. If another fisherman is already fishing in the pool, you start your fishing upstream. Anyone who catches a fish should leave their fishing spot and start over in the order of the trip. It is not allowed to mark fishing spots with eg. backpacks or fishing rods. "Do not lock" fishermen on the other side with too long throws and keep a suitable distance. As anglers we assume that you show consideration for the environment you are staying in with its nature and wildlife. Keep in mind what a discarded line or hook in nature can cause for damage. Rubbish and waste are taken home or thrown into containers set up along the river or at the salmon cottage.

Pay attention and respect cyclists and walk on the walks around the river.

Fishermen who violate existing regulations and fishing regulations or who appear disturbing to other fishermen or non-fishermen are suspended from continuing fishing in Falkenberg's municipality's salmon fishing waters in Ätran.

Boat fishing

Fishing by boat between Laxbron and Laet is booked at the same place as you buy the fishing license no later than one day in advance and the boat key is collected and returned to the fishing cottage. There may only be two fishermen in each boat. Minors may not rent a boat without being in the adult's company.

It is possible to fish with your own boat in Hålan. For a fee, you can launch the boat at Falkenbergs Båtsällskap or Lövstavikens marina.

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