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 Only applies to fishing in Hjällsjön.
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Dygnskort P&T Hjällsjön / Söderfors-Hedesunda FVF

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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Hedesunda Söderforsfjärdarnas Fishery area Regulations for sport fishing 2020 and so far.

All fishermen are obliged to make sure that they comply with applicable regulations and comply with them.
The card is personal and applies to fishing with hand tools in the entire fishing care area.
Cards should always be shown, brought with them when fishing.
Extra fishing fees must be paid for fishing in Hjällsjön and Bredforsen. For Hjällsjön fishing alone there are special Hjällsjökort.

There is a total fishing ban throughout the year in Bredforsen from the road bridge down to a line that coincides with the power line's stretch across the river. For Bredforsen, the area downstream of the power line at the barrier dam, Bredforsen and Tyllmyrån, Landkvarn, Söderkvarn, down to Stockholm, applies in particular to:
Only barbed hooks are allowed.
All trapped grayling must be discarded.
There is a fishing ban in Bredforsen during the period 1 April - 31 May, with the exception of the harness from the Eastern Bredforsen bridge down to Tyllmyrholmen, and the mirror ponds, where fishing is allowed during this period.

All trapped salmon and salmon trout that are not finely trimmed shall be discarded.
In all fishing, the number of rods is limited to a maximum of 2. rods / fishing license and maximum 4 pcs. rods / boat teams, whatever
how many people travel in the boat.
Annual cards, just this, entitle to angling with 10 pcs. gear. Exceptions in Hjällsjön and Bredforsen where prevail
total ban on angling.
All fishing must resolve cards. Minors up to the age of 14, in the keeper's company who have a fishing license, can fish without it
loose fishing license.
If underage fish alone applies the same as for adults.
Mete with top knotted fishing rod is free for minors up to 14 years.

All fishing is prohibited between fixed, white, markings about 100 m upstream of the Söderfors power plant and down even the highway bridge road 292 in Söderfors. On the lower side of the road bridge 292 fishing is allowed. Min-Max Dimensions: Sea trout between 45cm and 60cm, Salmon between 50cm and 70cm, Harr 35cm, Eel 50cm. Pike between 45 cm and 65 cm may be retained. Pike between 45 cm and 85 cm may be retained.
Gösen is protected against all fishing from 1 May to 20 June.
Fishing licenses are sold as a daily, weekly or annual card (calendar year).
Fishing licenses can also be purchased at ICA in Söderfors.

In the Marionsjön, there is normally a fishing ban unless the board decides an exemption.

Put and take. Disabled adapted long bridge, about 200 m long, across the lake. In addition, a number of smaller ones
jetties, windshield.
A maximum of 2 rods per fishing, gear must not be left unattended.
A maximum of 3 noble fish per card and day, fish cleaning must not be thrown into the lake. Machining is not allowed.
A boat ban prevails in Hjällsjön.

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