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 Net fishing is only granted to fish owners and locals who are registered in the Smedjeback and Fagersta municipalities, as well as owners of holiday homes within the FVO. Trolling cards can be solved by everyone.
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Tilllägg nät/trolling / Barkensjöarnas FVOF

Issued by Barkensjöarnas FVOF in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid to the end of the year (31 Dec at 23:59)   
Price: 250 kr (SEK, Incl 25% VAT)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.

1. In addition to the General Provisions, the following local supplement for Bark lakes fish conservation area lakes, with the exception of Flaten, Igel Tarn and Tunkarlsbobäcken. For these special regulations.

2. In order to exploit the fishery resources within the FVO to be solved and the Fishing demand when fishing. Landowners within the FVO solves season tickets at reduced prices.
3.Korttyper and periods
Fishing type 1
ANNUAL PASS valid 1 / 1-31 / 12
COMMUTATION TICKET applies for 30 days
Day card valid for 24 hours
Guest card valid 1 / 1-31 / 12
RACE CARD apply during the competition up to 24 hours
Fishing type 2
Additional cards for nets and trolling. Can only be solved in combination with season tickets.

4.1 annual pass valid for the holder and his / her spouse / cohabitant and qualifying for lure fishing and maximum 20 angeldon, 20 or 20 bolt croppers, max 2 Martens, 2 roach cottages and lakstrutar (unlimited), longlines and 2x baits per boat.
4.2 Monthly, the same rules as 4.1
4.3 Day license entitles to lure fishing and maximum 20 angeldon or 20 bolt.
4.4 Competition The card is valid for the contest with jigging or fishing pole. Another form of competition fishing is sought by the Board no later than 14 days before the race.
4.5 Annual Pass for owners of fishing eligible for fishing in 4.1, 4.7, 13.4 and 14.4.
4.6 Guest Card may be resolved by the holding season tickets in the FVO and apply for temporary guests from other locations in the season ticket owner's presence.
4.7 Phishing card entitles to the outlay of a maximum of 3 nets á 30m = 90m per fishing operation. Both ends must be marked with large clear nätboj or equivalent. More than 90m nets must not be connected in series.
4.8 Phishing grants the use only for owners of fishing as well as locals who are residents in Smedjebacken and Fagersta municipalities and owners of second homes in the FVO.
4.9 Free lure fishing for children under 16years.
4:10 Phishing Ban prevails in Saxony.
4:11 Prohibition to fish with nets and creels in all running water.
4:12 Trolling. maximum 10 baits per boat. Paravan / Sleds and the like that are anchored with rope / wire more than 10m from the boat must be equipped with pole and red flag.
4:13 trap net fishing may be conducted with a maximum of two traps.

5. perch, salmon and trout 50 cm
Fish for the prescribed minimum dimensions must not be taken ashore shared.
Of these species may be landed no more than a total of three fish per day.
Ie a total of 3, not 3 pcs per species.

6. All outstanding gear shall be marked with clear floats or shake (on ice) and the fisherman namnoch phone nr

SPECIAL PROVISIONS FOR bark, scissors, Vevungen V o o o Sveten
7.1 Ban on fishing with creels and roach cottages during the period 1 / 7-30 / 9th
7.2 Fish Vein in which there is phishing bans are in straits in Nor, Hew Nora, Kolpebostreken and strait to the scissors.

8. Fishing Meeting decides the rules and times of crayfish every year. Other times crayfish is prohibited, with the exception of exploratory and replanting carried out by personnel appointed by the Board.

TOTAL ban on fishing
9. 15 / 9-31 / 12 in waterways that are connected to bark and when
- Tunkarlsbobäcken outlet in Southern Barken 100m north and south of the outlet to the lake's center line.
- Plågbäckens outlet in the Gulf's 100m north and south of the exit out to the bay's center line.
- Hemviken Norra Barken, the area north of a line, Kärrmesholmens southern tip to the northern Geto towards the mainland and in an easterly direction towards Rånäs Mount.
- Vevungen from Jättholmens northern part of the floodgates in Semla.
- Closed HYTTAN to 100 m outside and on the sides of the mouth.

Only fishing license noticed Flaten Day card valid for fishing in the lake Flaten Current rules of the water are at the lake.
Snuvtjärn mirror carp fishing with hook without barb Report on fisheries in the mailbox, see the rules in place. In övriugt included this in the ordinary cards.

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