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 Fishing licenses must be carried during fishing and on request of the supervisory staff and owners of fishing.
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Day permit / Fågelbergets FVO

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Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid in 24 hours   
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Sport fishing is allowed in the fishery conservation area's water throughout the year. The exception is fishing in flowing water during the spawning season for grayling 15/4 - 31/5 and trout 1/9 - 31/10

General provisions:
* Fishermen should be aware of, applicable laws and regulations and by the FVO issued regulations and rules and boundaries.
* Fishing is only allowed with sport fishing, a maximum of one rod brought from hand per cardholder.
* Fishing license is personal and not transferable
* Fishing license and identification must be carried at the fishing operation and on request of the supervisory person / owners of fishing.
* Keep nature clean, take your garbage home, extinguishing fire

Fishing rules
* Minimum size trout 30 cm Bird Sea Bird Water Israel Water
Minimum size for grayling 30 cm in Fågelsjön.
Other water minimum dimensions of 20 cm

* In Fågelsjön, Crane Water, Water Bird and Israel water may be used for sport fishing boat .Only fvo
rental boats may be used. Boats are available for rent tel.073-183 59 60. Båtkort 100, .kr / day

* The Crane Water and Deep Water by shared ownership applies throughout the Fishing waters.

* Prohibition of fishing with live bait fish, otters, longlines, stråndkrok, yarn gear

* Mashing is not allowed.

* Prohibition of fishing in flowing water during the spawning season for grayling 15/4 - 31/5 and trout 1/9 - 31/10.

Fishing license
Children / youth under 18 årerhåller free fishing license upon presentation of identification

fish Inspection
Fvof case of violation of fishing regulations and rules are taken regularizing 2 500.- SEK

In Fågelsjön, Western and Eastern Sakrisvattnen can subsistence fishing from boat occur with nets, otter
and trolling

In some waters are periods of fishing bans the release of fish. Notified by signage at the current water.

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