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 Fiskekortet ger Dig möjlighet att välja mellan fem olika sjöar av varierande storlek. Fiskekortet kan lösas som dagkort eller årskort. Det ger förutom Dig som kortinnehavare även barn under 15 år i Ditt sällskap rätt till fiske.
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Year card / Slottstornet AB

Issued by Slottstornet AB in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid for 365 days   
Price: 500 kr (SEK, Incl 25% VAT)
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 (Todays date: 31 May 2020)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Fishing for Castle Tower Wilderness Fishing

Provisions for fishing license holder:
The fishing permit is valid only in this recognized fishing grounds.

  • Ämten part of (Boat)
  • Ölången (Boat)
  • Skärgölen
  • Grytsjön
  • Axsjön part of

Fishing may not take place
closer than 50 meters from the jetty or built beachfront without special
permission of the owner.
Fishing may not take place in such close proximity of vulnerable nets or other gear that these
oredas or injury.
Fishing license entitling non-fishing with gear other than that marked on
Fishing chart. Roach Cottage submitted shall always be marked with the owner's / fisherman
Name, address and telephone number. Fishing with cabin tender shall be made
ice period (winter).
Fishing license holder must respect and make well informed about
closed seasons and bird protection and explanatory and prohibition signs in the area.
Violation may result in expulsion and confiscation of the fishing permit.
The fishing license must be presented on the fishing trip and be produced on demand by
Police, overseer or landowner's representative.
The car is parked in the designated parking area at the fishing site / mooring can
the Fishing advantageously placed inside the windshield, visibly.
Fishing license is personal and may not be transferred, but also applies to children under 15
years if they are in the cardholder's company.
Fishing boat for fishing can be borrowed for free in lakes where available, see
list of lakes. The boat shall be moored. Private boat must permanently
(More than one week) are added in the lake after a special agreement. The boat should always
be marked with the owner's name and address.
In our lakes is the ban on gasoline-powered boat motors, unless specifically
permission is obtained.
For transport on private roads valid fishing permit that passes on the way to
and fish from the water. Is road barrier shall be respected and the road is when
closed to motor traffic.
Contribute to a clean water and a clean natural environment so that everyone gets a fine
experience of nature in our land. Be careful with fire and never burn the moss
and peatlands.
Further information on fishing may be provided by Castle Tower AB through mail or phone 0142-525 20th
Annual Pass is valid for: angling, jigging, casting rod, lure, rod and 10 angeldon.
Valid calendar year.
Day card valid for: angling, jigging, casting rod, lure, rod and 10 angeldon. As
Day count days by the same date.

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