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Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid for 7 days   
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.
Långå FVOF offers, through Långåfisket, a varied, nature-oriented sport fishing with the fish of the fish,
char, grayling and whitefish, pike, perch and rainbow trout. The rules are simple and apply everywhere within
area for anyone fishing. Fishing rights owners, villagers and cottage owners have the same rules with certain supplements.
We want you also to follow our recommendations and then contribute to a good fishing even in the future!
Together we will preserve, care for and use the fish resources we have! Warm welcome!
WARNING The water flow in Ljusnan can rise unexpectedly quickly and become very strong!
RULES that you must always follow:
You must always have a valid fishing permit with you and be able to show off. Children fish for free until the year they turn 16.
FISHING WITH ONE SPEED at a time is the only permitted fishing mode and applies to fly fishing (max. 3 hangers,
also applies to spin fly), spinning, trolling, angling and pimple.
LIVING BETSFISH is absolutely prohibited always and everywhere to protect our healthy water.
MINIMUM MEAT on fish such as trout, char, grayling and whitefish is 25 cm. All fish under minimum dimensions should
Released without damage. Any damaged fish under the minimum dimensions must be killed and re-released.
FLYFISHING BOOKS only for fly fishing in Mittån upstream of Grundsjön and part of Anån down to
Basic Sea. The fly fishing license also applies in other waters. Max 3 fish per short-term, minimum size 35 cm.
playtime is April and May. All waters have a fishing ban on 1 September - 31 October, except Långå-Ljusnan,
Shell iron, Stortjärn (Långå) and Sångtjärn. The base lake has a fishing ban from 1 September to 15 September
November, and from May 10 to summer fishing, open on Friday, 01.00 a week before Midsummer.
REPORT CATCHES (species, weight, length, sex), fishing location, fishing method, type of bait and other things that are important for Långå FVOF's planning and fishing management. Report via e-mail:
BOAT MOTORS may only be used in Långå-Ljusnan, Orten (Ulften) and Grundsjön.
Recommendations that we want you to follow:
GOOD REVIEW & ETHICS You have as a fish. Use it for the sake of fish, nature and others
anglers. "Clean conscience" is part of your luck and your fishing memories!
Take your fish that you need just for the day, eg 3 fish a day. Replace the rest. Then you give more
fishes the chance to grow big and create a new generation. And take up your record of fish life!
Hooks without barbs make it easier to loosen the fish without damage. Clamp down the bar with pliers!
CATCH & RELEASE Capture, tease gently and loosen the fish so that it can be restored without damage.
TURNING ORDER means that you start upstream, make a few throws and move a few steps downstream.
Switch fishing spot if there are others who want to try out "Your" place.
FLYING and BOAT can be used except in Anån / Mittån and if you do not disturb other fishermen.
FLIGHTS right taken can save your life! Mobile in waterproof case is good! Watch out for the winter ice!
You are required to have information on the current fishing rules that are available at Crime
against the rules entails a control fee (Law 1981: 533). All fishing is done at your own risk.
is never allowed to throw, hide or dig down packaging, textile, glass, metal, plastic, fishing lines or
catering waste. Fish cleans may be left in the wild if it is free from parasites, eg tapeworms.
CONTROL FEES The Fisheries Supervisory Authority is entitled (LAG 1981: 533) to issue control fees, SEK 2 225, to
fishermen who violate the rules within Långå FVO. The fee is issued on site and must be paid within 14
days, then the matter can be submitted to Debt Collection. NOTE this is not a fine without a control fee.
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