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BildThanks for your catch report! The purpose of the catch reports include: Creating better habitats for fish and enhance the long term fish stocks. Good catch statistics is very important for the care and management of fishing area and each report is of great benefit to the fish conservation organisation efforts. Please note that the number of fishes caught or the fish size is not important in order to post a report. Please also post reports even if you do NOT get or keep any fish at all. When the catch report is completed and submitted, you consent to the storage and handling of the information and the associated personal data. See our Terms of Service for more information.

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Fishing area: Laholms Laxfiske, Lagan (Laholms Laxfiske)

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 REPORT ONLY IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED (CATCHED UP OR RELEASED). CATCHES ARE UPDATED ON HOLIDAY WEEKENDS DURING OFFICE HOURS, AT 13.00-17.00. Remember that you must write a fishing license number in order for your catch report to be approved. To be able to post a picture of your catch afterwards, you must have an account with iFiske, and be logged in when you upload the exact catch report that you later want / can upload a picture to. If you do not want to create an account, you must upload the image at the same time as reporting.
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 This organisation has chosen to request only catch report on some specified fish species. Only these are selectable from the list. Other fish species you've caught are not possible to report.
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