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Ängssjön, Rötjärn, Märrtjärn mfl

Ängsjön is 164 hectares large and very tall. In addition to perch, the lake has a natural stock of char and a small stem of salmon stirring.

The association has built an overnight cottage on the island of Kullerholmen, which can be booked by the loose fishing license. Booking is made under the fishing license tab.

In addition, there are a number of boats that the fishing license holder can borrow, see the mark on the map.
Within the fishing area there are also several ponds where you can catch perch, pike and roe. At Rötjärnet there are two boats to borrow.

The association manages the fish in Ängsjön, Rötjärnet, Gettjärn, Lomtjärnet, Vianstjärnet, Bicktjärnet, Stubbtjärnet, Bergtjärn and Märrtjärnet.

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please contact Ängens FVO.

Fish species





Endast Ängsjön



Ej i Ängsjön & Märrtjärn

Brown Trout


Endast Ängsjön & Märrtjärn

Org ID: 721, Area 908

Ängens FVO

Ängens fiskevårdsområdeforening actively works with local fish care and to improve the service and accessibility of guests fishing our fishing waters.

We offer different varieties of fishing licenses for sport fishing all year round.

Contact persons

David Hult
070 - 648 38 54


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