Aplungens FVOF


Aplungen, Gråsjön mfl

  Värmlands län / Sunne Municipality.
Aplungens FVOF has access to fishing in dozens of lakes and oats of varying size, where the lake Aplungen is the largest of about 250 hectares and some fish-holding running water in the area.
Fish in these waters are mainly Pike Perch Mört
O Braxen ngn Gossip and some water Breastfeeding.
The fish is open to anyone who has lost a valid fishing license
Many fishing places are easily accessible.
In addition, there is a boat for rent by the association. The association manages:
Aplungen, Gråsjön, Northern Aplungen, Örtjärn, Botjärn, Slomtjärn, Vargtjärn, Letjärn, Marsättertjärn, Hundtjärn, Yxtjärn, Svarttjärn and S o N Gråsjötjärn


Org ID: 749, Area 709

Aplungens FVOF

Aplungens FVOF consists of a association for fishing and maintenance of a large number of lakes, streams and watercourses in Västra Ämtervik. The board consists of 5 persons and a number of villages with fish owners around the lake Aplungen.

Contact persons

Magnus Karlsson
Bråten 33
686 95 Västra Ämtervik


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