Dalarnas län

 Municipality: Hedemora

  • Husby-Hedemora FVOF

Dalarna is a region in northern Svealands inland and is referred to as the boundary between between Sweden and northern Sweden.
The landscape offers a great variety of natural characters, in the northern part is dominated nature image of mountains with clear spring water lakes and vast marshy areas while the more southern parts offers large leaves and coniferous forests, as well as fine valleys. You could say that the only thing really missing in Dalarna's coastal landscape.
There is also a great variety of rivers and lakes in Dalarna.
The largest lake is Lake Siljan located in its center, while the Dalälven which with its many tributaries and lakes branches out over almost the entire county. Summers are pleasantly warm but rainfall is high.

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  Husby-Hedemora FVOF
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