Värmlands län

 Municipality: Kil

  • Nedre Frykens FVO

Värmland is located in Svealands western areas and borders in the south to Västergötland / Dalsland, in the west to Eastern Norway (Norway) and in the east to Dalarna, Västmanland and Narke.

Värmland is a very beautiful landscape that offers a very diverse habitat. There are many deep forests, lakes and rivers, but first and foremost it is the nature very diverse. Here, you can find everything from archipelagos, vast forests, countless lakes, förfjällsterräng, marshes and meadows.
The large variation is due to variations in rock and soil, climate, humidity and light conditions, coupled with human activity. Nature also offers a great variety of species. Varmland usually called Älgarnas and wolves country. The most famous waters are Vänern and the Klarälven, while other popular fishing waters include Fryken and Visten. In the gigantic Klarälvsvägen system that is one of the most bariatric and unique Trout strain.

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  Nedre Frykens FVO
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