Stödebygdens FVO


Stödesjön mfl. vatten

Support Bygdens fvo nominee: Bastutjärn, Construction Water Lake, Fanbyån, Front Boda Tarn, Gimsjön, Gransjön-North, Grand Lake-Southern, Granån, Hammarsjön, Hemgravån, Hällsjön-North, Hällsjön-Southern, Lycksjön, embellishment Sea, stage-box, Shift Star, Specksjön, support lake, Tufted Duck Lake, Tufted Duck Lake.

Windbreaks are the lakes Hammarsjön 3st, embellishment Sea, and along Frambodtjärn My Nordic trail. Campfire sites are located at shelters and two extra eldplaster at Hammarsjön. At eldplaserna at Hammarsjön is also firewood available. Along My Nordic trail are also toilets and a rest cabin at the height of Shift Star. Bath is available in Hällsjön North, in most places along the lake support, Gimsjön and Tufted Duck Lake. Fiskebrygga available at Hammarsjön.

Put and take waters:
- Until Boda Tarn
- Hammarsjön
- Embellishment Sea
- Shift Star

A boat ramp is below the bridge in Stöde is a ramp on the south side.
 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please contact Stödebygdens FVO.
 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.


Org ID: 142, Area 107

Stödebygdens FVO

Shocked is only 4mil west of Sundsvall along the E14. In society Stöde are shops, convenience stores, gas station, pizzeria, camping and medical center.

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