Ullvetterns FVOF


Ullvettern, Frövettern, Kväggen mfl

  Värmlands län and Örebro län / Storfors, Kristinehamn and Karlskoga Municipality.

The fishery area comprises approximately 3500 ha of water in the lakes Ullvettern (about 2200ha), Frövettern, Bergsjön, Hyttsjön, Kvæggen, Åsjön, Stora Grytingen and Lilla Grytingen . Our lakes are typical rocky lakes, ranging from rocky beaches to watery valleys. Clean water with light humus color and good fishing on mainly gusts, pike and perch.

The fishing area is part of the Bergslag Canal from Filipstad to Karlskoga. A deep chart / chart is made throughout the Bergslag Canal.

In the Woolwood, greyfish is very popular. There are plenty of gusts and gösar has been raised up to 8 kg from the lake. The artifacts are gossip, pike, perch, lake, whitefish and gold bullring in Ullvettern. In the Great Grilling and Little Grotting, the species are pike and perch.

A boat can be launched in Nässundet. At the Brolysktan in Nässundet there are also boat rentals with or without motor.

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Ullvetterns FVOF

The Woolwood FVOF was established in 1990 to coordinate fishing and fish care as well as to sell fishing licenses for fishing with hand tools.

Contact persons

Ove Wensing:
0550 - 300 11


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